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Do You Gossip?
# 31 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 19:52
Someone said :

Gossip tends towards the negative, no?

I don't think so, like I said about to me gossip is telling someone that someone else moved, or has a new love, etc.. or perhaps I'm just bad at gossip as I try not to (if I know it to be such) spread lies about others.
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# 32 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 20:07
I try not to, and I will never maliciouslly (spelling???) gossip about anyone, but sometimes a bit of harmless gossip is a great convo starter
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# 33 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 21:47
It's just I grew up with the idea that gossiping was a negative thing. Talking about people on the other hand is not, it has more of the connotations of discussing the neighbours, but not in a negative way.
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# 34 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 21:59
Someone said :
Talking about people

But isn't gossip, talking about people?
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# 35 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 22:53
The word gossip seems like such an ambiguous term, as I was genuinely unaware that people also apply it to the sharing of positive and casual information.

My own personal definition, which seems difficult to define, would one be rooted in the betrayal of trust and a nefarious intent. I feel that most people gossip in a desire to be admired for there access to private information, and on it travels it usually distorts grotesquely and most often hurts people.

I find no harm in sharing such things as “Guess who's just had a baby” - “Getting married” or todays “I read in the newspaper that so and so was in court last Friday, for drink driving”. I would see these more as the “News” that bonds, informs and gives strength to the commonality of a community, rather then the Gossip that primarily sets to reaffirm any negative and distractive associations towards a person.

I try my best not to gossip (despite many moments of war with myself) and never reveal things shared in confidence (which having previously being on the other side of a sharp tongue, I know it's not a pleasant experience).

My word of silence means a lot to me, especially as some carry the lesser heard sounds of my life and I'd rather not set fires, then complain I'm burnt.

Of course seeing as we are human things are rarely black and white, and the line can be difficult to draw, but the important thing seem to be, that we at least try.
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# 36 : Tuesday 18-8-2009 @ 23:02
from dictionary.com

  /ˈgɒsəp/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [gos-uhp] Show IPA noun, verb, -siped or -sipped, -sip⋅ing or -sip⋅ping.
Use gossip in a Sentence
1. idle talk or rumor, esp. about the personal or private affairs of others: the endless gossip about Hollywood stars.
2. light, familiar talk or writing.
3. Also, gosâ‹…sipâ‹…er, gosâ‹…sipâ‹…per. a person given to tattling or idle talk.
4. Chiefly British Dialect. a godparent.
5. Archaic. a friend, esp. a woman.

Nothing there about gossip being bad or malicious, perhaps it's an Irish take on the word?
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# 37 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 16:41
Great minds discuss ideas, small minds talk about people. (I think it goes)
Havent time for gossip, or gossips.
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# 38 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:05
We are all guilty of doing it at some stage in our lives, often gossip doesn't start as malicious, it has a habit of being exgaggerated the more people are involved..
As for being a victim of it, again there are few people who can't say they haven't been, but when you let it eat away at you, affecting your life then it becomes your problem..
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# 39 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:39
Someone said :
thats not actually a shock to hear really faust..

i wouldnt gossip to put anyone down,more for a bit of a giggle.as i said it wouldnt be in a bad way.

+ 1
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# 40 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:49
Someone said :
but when you let it eat away at you, affecting your life then it becomes your problem..

Agreed. You only give people the opportunity to take your power if you dignify their maliciousness with an acknowledgement that they upset you. People are going to say what they want, you getting upset by it won't change that, it will only make you upset.
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# 41 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:51
Do You Gossip?

And sometimes ive gossiped with people who claim not to gossip
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# 42 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:52
Everybody gossips. Human nature.
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# 43 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:52
Anyone hear about Loosey and Erytheis?
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# 44 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:53
Someone said :
Anyone hear about Loosey and Erytheis?

Of course they have, i started that rumour and spread it like butter
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# 45 : Wednesday 19-8-2009 @ 17:59
But you told me that was our secret Loosey, about the butter!!
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