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When Is It Too Old/Young To Have A Baby?
# 31 : Saturday 5-9-2009 @ 21:54
OK, I'm in a good mood, so I will back down.....;-), substitute " way off the mark" for 'stretching credibility a bit".................
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# 32 : Saturday 5-9-2009 @ 22:00
I still don't see how its even 'stretching credibility' to say that we strive/attempt/ and often do control nature.???

I'm seriously bewildered.

How do we NOT try to control nature then?

I'm scrathcing my beard here; I thought 'childbirth'.. but sure we control that; contraception, birth control, abortions, IVF.
Biological or birth sex can be altered and adjusted.
We can capture even the wildest animals.

The only things I can think of, off the top of my head, that we have little control over are the weather systems and things happening out in space like meteorites and solar storms etc.

I'm kinda intrigued now QuickG.....

Edit; Also evolution, we don't have too much control over that. But then, with genetic science and research going the way it is... Dolly the sheep and all that?
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# 33 : Saturday 5-9-2009 @ 22:27
Someone said :
How could menstruation start in the human female at that age? I thought at least 10 maybe 11..

Herself started at 9.

There is also condition called Precocious puberty:
Precocious puberty refers to the appearance of physical and hormonal signs of pubertal development at an earlier age than is considered normal. For many years, puberty was considered precocious in girls younger than 8 years; however, recent studies indicate that signs of early puberty (breasts and pubic hair) are often present in girls (particularly black girls) aged 6-8 years. For boys, onset of puberty before age 9 years is considered precocious.
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# 34 : Sunday 6-9-2009 @ 09:33
Thanks Ery, facts I was never aware of. My daughter would have been around 13-14 as far as I know. Was not privy to that info as her mother and I went our separate ways before then.

The fact that girls can become sexually mature much earlier than boys easily explains why 18yrs girls seem to be much more emotionally and intellectually advanced than boys at that age.......and I am basing that, not on theory, but on the experience of employing young people, both boys and girls for a long time.
It was quite striking how you could devolve responsibility to 18yr old girl, but give it to an 18yr old guy, there would be a guaranteed fuck up.

So in the context of the thread, what age is too old too have a baby, maybe the window of childbirth shuts sooner when sexual maturity begins earlier in life.
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# 35 : Monday 14-9-2009 @ 18:45
What about David Furnishd?
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# 36 : Monday 14-9-2009 @ 18:53
i saw in the metro today that a child bride of 12 died after struggling for three days in labour.child marriages are widespread in yemen the arabs worlds poorest country.more than a quater of the country`s females marry before the age of 15.this girl was only 11 when her father married her off to a 24 year old farmer in saudi arabia.

its barbaric
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# 37 : Wednesday 30-12-2009 @ 13:04
van morrison a dad again,with his manager!she had a boy,dont you think 64 is a bit old to be having a kid,van might not see the kids 18 birthday party or even his 1st year in secondary!
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# 38 : Wednesday 30-12-2009 @ 13:12
What happened Michelle Rocca?
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# 39 : Wednesday 30-12-2009 @ 13:41
Someone said :
What happened Michelle Rocca?

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# 40 : Wednesday 30-12-2009 @ 15:12
From the Independent...

It remains a mystery whether Little Van's arrival on Monday means the end of Morrison's 16-year relationship with former Miss Ireland Michelle Rocca.

The last public sighting of the couple, who have two children together and a home in Dalkey, was at the funeral of Ms Rocca's brother, Patrick, who died suddenly last January.

Friends of Van and Michelle claimed not to have known about any possible split between the pair.

Sources said both sides were keeping silent as news broke that Morrison, 17 years Rocca's senior, had fathered a child with another woman.
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# 41 : Wednesday 29-9-2010 @ 20:24
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# 42 : Wednesday 29-9-2010 @ 20:29
So the child's Dad will also be his/her great grandad
? Noooooooo.
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# 43 : Tuesday 2-11-2010 @ 20:23
http://www.independent.ie/breaking-news/world-news/10yearold-give etc ...
A girl of 10 has given birth to a baby in southern Spain.

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# 44 : Tuesday 2-11-2010 @ 20:26
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# 45 : Tuesday 2-11-2010 @ 20:31
I just looked over at Boy the Younger, he's 11. I just said it to him and said "That's plain freaky"
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