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When Is It Too Old/Young To Have A Baby?
# 76 : Friday 16-12-2011 @ 19:58
I've heard that menpopasal
women are at their horniest. Mrs Robinson?

Anywhere under 17 is too young, anywhere over 45 is too old IMO.
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# 77 : Tuesday 10-1-2012 @ 23:39
Childbirth at 65

With all the new technology regarding fertility recently, a 65-year-old woman was able to give birth. When she was discharged from the hospital and went home, I went for a visit. "May I see the new baby?" I asked "Not yet," She said "I'll make coffee and we can visit for a while first." Thirty minutes had passed, and I asked, "May I see the new baby now?" "No, not yet," she said. After another few minutes had lapsed, I asked again, "May I see the baby now?" "No, not yet," replied my friend. Growing very impatient, I asked, "Well, when can I see the baby?" "WHEN HE CRIES!" she told me. '"WHEN HE CRIES?" I demanded. "Why do I have to wait until he CRIES?"

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