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# 1 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:25
Hi All,

I haven't posted here for a while now, as i have found out i am now off the front page of the Members hall of fame...oh the shame!!!

Anyway, I am currently thinking of a way all of us who are actually looking for love and sick of waiting for love to find us can actually find it...!!! Now if there is anyone out there who is actually looking for love, YOUR the ones i want posting your comments here...Not people who have someone or not looking for someone...

I have been single for the last 8 months, it's really starting to get to me now since my ex is starting to go out with my best mate. Now it doesnt bother me cause i love my best mate to bits and i am still friends with my ex. (ANYONE ELSE IN THIS SITU) But everytime i am with both of them i feel so jealous of what they have, i have come across so many guys but most are just looking for sex. I want more, much more...

What i am doing...
I know this might sound like a personal but its not!!! Its Boyfriend Search... Its where i want guys to come on and post your comments on how you feel and all that kind of stuff and what your looking for, i know a lot of people are particular when it comes to a boyfriend and so what, we all live once.

The outcome:
I hope to set up a kind of a service where guys can talk to me about whats on there minds etc.. i know how bad it can be not to have someone to talk to, i went through it... So tell me what ye think...

take care

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# 2 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:27
Ok, is 20 your age coz if so, i'm kinda worried.
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# 3 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:27
Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution yet.
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# 4 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:28
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# 5 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:29
it's not a disease!
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# 6 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:29
yeah i'm 20 why???
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# 7 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:29
Republicans understand the importance of bondage between a mother and child.
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# 8 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:31
I know that, but a lot don't give guys like me a chance... I'm not boasting but i have a lovely personality. I am helpful, caring, compassionate, loving...all the good things. I am loyal and honest and genuine to all of my friends... Guys you gotta give me a chance...

I could give every guy who gives me a chance €20...lol
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# 9 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:31
don't be so focused on finding a boyfriend, life isn't a Celine Dion song, you're fine on your own, someone will come along in time, i'm not telling you to enjoy the freedom of singledom, just have a laugh on your own before getting involved with someone else.
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# 10 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:32
guys like you???
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# 11 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:40
yeah? us guys who are the ones that are looking for love and just get in touch with these guys looking for one thing... Genuine, caring honest guys... The gentle ones. I am digging such a hole here...
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# 12 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:44
DIG UP! anyway, there are loads of, what did you call them, ok, gentle ones out there. asking them to meet you for money isn't going to indear you to them though.
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# 13 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:48
Don't get me wrong, but maybe your real problem is been so friendly with your ex!! I am in the same situation as I still work with mine and we get on ok!
I still have feeling's for the guy but it is pointless! And he is still single!

Don't feel you need a relationship cause your ex might be starting one!
Thats the wrong reason to startone! and we have all made that mistake!

You can't find a relationship......for some strange reason....it find's you!! And thats the attitude to have!!

Just take your time and have fun in the meantime!! And it will come around again!!

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# 14 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 14:57
i know, i know. It was meant as a joke...

Can i at least tell you what i'm looking for...(sorry thomas if this sounds like a personal)

18 - 25
nice looking
pref. blue eyes
conversation type

someone who can come to killarney the may bank holiday with me and my two mates and keep me company while they are in the next room....

any takers?

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# 15 : Wednesday 2-4-2003 @ 15:00
i hear what you are saying, but i don't have feelings for the guy, and i am not looking for a relationship because he is in one. His relationship with my best mate just reminds me of how lonely i am... Now my bestmate is brilliant to me cause he totally understands me and we know eachother down to the smallest detail...
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