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Do You Knit?
# 1 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:11
Seriously, do you knit? Or do anything crafty at home?

I was out shopping today and saw a deadly knitted hat, so in I went and priced it...€17.50...I was very much of the WTF? persuasion and thought: sure I could knit that meself. So knit it I will, in the colours that go with the scarves I knitted last year.

So do you knit, wha'?
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# 2 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:17
Many have tried to teach me to knit.
None have succeeded.

I gave up after all three sisters, a grandmother, my mother, her sister and her son (aunt and cousin) all tried to teach me and I just couldn't get the hang of it.

I want to knit, I really do. I have some great ideas for some jumpers....
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# 3 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:22
When I was a teenager I knitted Aran jumpers, scarves, mittens and hats, for a woman who sold them on. So yes, I can knit.
Last year I knitted myself a purple jumper, it's so cosy.
You can say that is expensive for a knitted hat CZ, but good wool is rather expensive and then the labour involved (wool dries the hands) is it really worth it.
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# 4 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:25
I'd also love to learn how to use a spinning wheel, so as to make my own yarn and wool.
Then its soooo unique.
And the footprint is really light.
Especially if you eat the sheep after!
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# 5 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:26
I need to learn to sow, my jackets seem came apart and i like that jacket
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# 6 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:27
If you wax the wool, sharon, it doesn't dry them out, but that's a whole other realm.
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# 7 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:27
Someone said :

Especially if you eat the sheep after!

hmmmmmmmm glad u said 'eat' da sheep and not anythin vulgar
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# 8 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:28
Or apply hand lotion after a knitting session.
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# 9 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:33
So, who's gonna teach me to knit.

@ Jackoire: sewing isn't too difficult, although if its a seam in a jacket I'd suggest you find someone with a sewing machine.
They'd run up that seam in ten minutes.
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# 10 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:34
@ cz you can always give it a go,if its no good for the noggin it will make a good tea cosy
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# 11 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:35
In school I used to crochet quite well, I crocheted doilies by the dozen Was not much good at knitting though, ok as long as it was something like a scarf.. after that.. nooooo
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# 12 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 20:36
Someone said :
@ cz you can always give it a go,if its no good for the noggin it will make a good tea cosy

you're on the ball there steve, yah cheeky minx.
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# 13 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 22:36
I found the pattern on-line, CZ 1 - Big Business 0
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# 14 : Sunday 20-9-2009 @ 22:45
never got the hang of it, had a habit of making the stitches too tight and it made the wool squeak. wool squeaking is one of those noises that gives me goosebumps
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# 15 : Monday 21-9-2009 @ 12:55
I'm learning I saw a tenor do it in rehearsals and I thought what a cool way to keep busy when your not on stage! A friend of mine is teaching me. I'm working on my first scarf.
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