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Computer Help Thread IV
# 1 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 11:41
Have you tried starting up in Safe Mode?

Post your PC problems here ...

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# 2 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 11:43
I start everything in safe mode... it saves complications later on
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# 3 : Friday 25-9-2009 @ 16:52
Win XP anyone know how to make an external dvd drive my default drive?

edit: mission accomplished
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# 4 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:09
Looking for help on downloading from torrents does anyone use this way of downloading?
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# 5 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:10
Someone said :
Looking for help on downloading from torrents does anyone use this way of downloading?

Loosey but he's in Nealons or Panti Bar.
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# 6 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:14
Lol ah shite
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# 7 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:20
Someone said :
Lol ah shite

What you need to know, also if you haven't already download a client like uTorrent http://www.utorrent.com/ and this thread has a good bit of info https://www.gaire.com/e/f/view.asp?parent=1252648
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# 8 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:35
Think I've the hang of it now thanks I downloade utorrent last night just was insure bout a few things... Awesome....
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# 9 : Saturday 26-9-2009 @ 23:42
Always make sure you set your upload and download rate appropriately.

Click advanced when a new torrent is started and cap the upload rate at 5k and leave about 50-100k download for browsing. I'm on Eircom 7mb so if I'm torrenting I can only use up 600k for downloading if i want to browse at the same time. A 3MB connection would be 300k and so on. If you're sharing with others then you should only use about half of the above.

And stop torrents once they've finished.
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# 10 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:03
Hi there. I am getting emails from people in my contact list that they are reciving the following email or emails like this.... anyone know any way of me stopping this email. I am not sending it
copy of the email

Hello, friend, Recommend you for a store.
I have recently in the store, bought a GUCCI handbag, the quality is very good, of high quality and reasonable price. They sell there CLOTHES,
SHOES, GLASSES, WATCHES, STRAIGHT HAIR, IPHONE, MP3/4/5, CD / MUSIC / MOVIE, JEWELRY, ... .. All of them are famous brand such as GUCCI handbag, eyes, CHANEL eyes, handbags, D & G, A & F, LACOSTE, POLO, NIKE, FENDI, ROLEX, Oakley's eyes, Tiffany ... ....
100% authentic and brand new with tags.
In addition, early wish you a merry Christmas.
All the goods are send with certifications.
Only accept paypal and give fast shipment.
We will try our best to make you satisfied.
I believe there will be more and more cooperations later.
Thank you for your concern ..
Welcome you: http://www.112buy.com

Here is their brand directory, there must be you need.

A&F == ADOBE == Armani

Bally == Boss == Burberry

Chanel == Chloe == Coach

D&G == Dior == Dunhill

Ed Hardy == Evisu == Fendi


Jimmy Choo == Jordan == Juicy


Microsoft == Miu Miu == Montblanc


Oakley == OMEGA

Paul Smith == Police == Polo == Prada == Puma == Ray Ban == Rolex


Tiffany == Tous



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# 11 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:08
who is your email provider?
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# 12 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:10
Im getting this in my hotmail account.
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# 13 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:12
Your email has been jacked. never send your password to someone via e-mail. They
will type up the request and make it look really official and they
usually tell you that they are cleaning their storgae/memory up and if
you want to keep your e-mail address they need to verify your
password. change your password...or close the email account!!
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# 14 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:15
I ve never given my password to anyone. But have put in a new password now.
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# 15 : Tuesday 29-9-2009 @ 20:17
no probs! its common! its the nigerian scam thing again...
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