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Is Sarah Palin Making A Bid For The 2012 US Presidency?
# 1 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 13:45
"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."

Thus spoke Sinclair Lewis back in the 1930's.

I would add to Mr Lewis' words ...'and toting a designer handbag, paid for by the people's taxes'...

Can she be serious?
Can this be really happening?

If the people of America do anything other than laugh at this, well, we could all be in serious trouble.

What do the good posters of Gaire think?
Is the American right mad enough to give her enough sway to run a presidential campaign?
Or will she fall flat on her face before she even gets going???

Below are some extracts from an article in yesterday's Guardian by Tania Branigan:

"Sarah Palin made her first major public appearance since resigning as Alaskan governor with a speech in Hong Kong today which some believe is intended to help lay the groundwork for a potential 2012 US presidential run.

Organisers banned media from the event after the former vice-presidential candidate indicated she would speak differently if reporters were present. However, audience members tweeted extracts throughout her address. [...]

"She called the Obama administration "anti-open and anti-growth". [...]

"She basically said the US would like to not see China as a threat, but because it was not free, there would always be suspicions," said Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of danwei.org, who attended the session. [...]

"Palin emphasised her popular appeal by portraying herself as "a commonsense conservative", praising Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher for "getting it right". [...]

Full article here...
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/23/sarah-palin-speech-ch etc ...

Another article here...
http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/23/sarah-palin-hong-kong etc ...
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# 2 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 13:57
I think she is an intelligent woman, but I think her ambition re presidency is just a matter of someone being re fed their own hype. I think she is a puppet, who wants to be a puppet master.....but sees no use for strings. Her ideals dont seem to be her own, it is as if she is being fed views.
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# 3 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 14:03
Someone said :
I think she is an intelligent woman,

I don't think she is intelligent - at all.
And she's seriously lacking in political nonce or know how.

And I don't say that just because she is the antithesis to all of my political beliefs. There are many right-wing politicians who I would consider to be intelligent.

But I just don't think the phrases 'intelligence' and 'Sarah Palin' belong in the same sentence.
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# 4 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 14:10
I think there is a LONG way to go before 2012. Id say she is possibly a front runner by default. There is no one who is as high profile as her for the republicans. The only other possible candidate at the moment is Michael Steele (chairman of the RNC).

I dont think she stands much of a chance if she were to run. Unless someone does a seriously good PR campaign for her but i think there was waaaay too much damage done to her image in the last election. She took the sorts of hits that Bush didnt take until he became president. Unless Baracks base abandons him in droves (which i dont think they will), he would wipe the floor against a republican Palin ticket.
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# 5 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 14:28
"Palin emphasised her popular appeal by portraying herself as "a commonsense conservative", praising Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher for "getting it right". [...]

Is that is a sign of an intelligent woman, or a woman who simply does not have a clear understanding of American Society as a whole?
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# 6 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 14:53
Funny, the add that came up when I was looking at the thread was this:

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# 7 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 16:22
God forbid!
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# 8 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 20:33
I don't think Sarah Palin or Michael Steele have a viable candidacy right now.

Besides, first in the queue to take on BHO in 2012 is Mitt Romney; he will be the one to beat in the Republican primaries. I don't think Palin could defeat Romney.

By the way, Levi Johnston's hatchet-job on Sarah Palin in this month's Vanity Fair is a terrific read. You may want to take it with a pinch of salt, but anyhoo:
http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2009/10/levi-johnston etc ...
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# 9 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 20:35
I hope so.
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# 10 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 20:36
Someone said :
I Levi Johnston's hatchet-job on Sarah Palin in this month's Vanity Fair is a terrific read.

*rubs hands in anticipatory glee*
Thanks Wheelie Bin!

@ Rumple - why do you 'hope so'... for the laugh?
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# 11 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 20:37
Someone said :

@ Rumple - why do you 'hope so'... for the laugh?

Yes! I LOVE her!
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# 12 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 20:38
Would she actually be considered by the Republicans...remember there is a lot of voting at the grass roots.
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# 13 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 21:39
Most empires in history survived the occasional idiot in a long succession of competent rulers. Really big ones like Rome were able to lurch from one century to the next, the massive apparatus of state being able to withstand the shocks of a few years under Caligula or Elagabalus and even near the end one or two competent rulers every few decades kept the crumbling system alive in a morass of mediocrity and hopeless cases. However, and here's the dangerous bit, once in a while someone so hopelessly dreadful, someone so utterly devoid of anything resembling intellect or ability - a complete and utter fool, not necessarily malevolent just possessive of a limitless capacity for incompetence arrives. It's touch and go if the state can survive one of such people. Hardly ever in history have the even the oldest and most powerful empires been able to survive two in succession. These are the likes of Flavius Phocas, Honorius, Charles the Foolish, Guy of Lusignan and potentially Sarah Palin.
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# 14 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 22:12
@ Dolli - great post!
I don't think Palin would ever have anything near a serious chance of winning anyway. But it'd be fun to have her in the race for the craic of it. She's so funny.

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# 15 : Thursday 24-9-2009 @ 22:15
You should read that article Wheelie Bin posted.

Bloody funny... and scary too.
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