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LGBT Group, Third Meeting On The 21st May.
# 1 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 07:05
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# 2 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 13:26
Well, when I saw the photo of Brendan Howlin posing in a traditional pub wearing a big chunky jumper, wearing stubble, with a pint of stout in front of him and a tabloid paper on the counter, and a headline above it reading "I'm not gay, says Howlin", I lost all respect for the *******.

Straight he may be. Fair enough. But posing for the paper in that fucking get-up - like 'this is proof that I am straight' - was laughable.

Screw Labour.
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# 3 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 01:46
As you might have guessed we are not in an ideal world.

And we have to raise awareness at all levels, included in the party, included among the lgbt community, included among this part of society that is not only happy to be in the closet but keen on throwing the key for other people...

We need a political landscape where being lbgt becomes an asset! Do you know the Paris Lord Mayor, Bertrand Delanoe? He is openly gay and he was elected in Paris without any problem... Dublin is just a bit behind and we need people to help society as a whole to move.

Brew Labour!
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# 4 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 09:00
Way to go Wheelie, Screw F**king labour. I voted for the stupid stupid cow Eithne and look where she landed us. And Alan Dukes when he wanted a revolving Taoiseach, what a laugh. The outfit he thought was cool, jeans and blazer how can one make this party lgbt aware when they can't even dress fabolousllly
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# 5 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 09:00
Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children Mohiam.
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# 6 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 12:02
Oh dear. Alan Dukes is Fine Gael, Mo.

Fair play to you, Esem, you handled my objections well.
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# 7 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 12:10
Mae Culpa,

Alan Dukes, Dick Spring all politicians look the same!
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# 8 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 12:12
and sound the same
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# 9 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 12:30
Nah, David Norris doesn't sound a bit like Brian Cowen, for example.
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# 10 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 12:43
Politics and gay men, do they mix? Esm thanks for the info, i 'd like to try and get to the meeting.
Guys its easy to have a pop at the politicians, just look how we do it on this message board ;-)
If somebody wants to be a closet thats there business, im out and proud! but I respect others and there position.
A gay Lord Mayor for Dublin, Great ;-(
so what, id prefer someone who sort out the mess the city is in.
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# 11 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 13:17
I dont know, or to be frank, i dont care if they mix.. but sometimes it can be an advatange being gay and not out, for example i was asked to apply for a training contract, which I did, and then went to the presentation meeting, when i arrived, who ushered me in, but a closet case from the boiler house. The work was mine, and im still milking it!
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# 12 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 13:18
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# 13 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 13:57
i am aint i darling
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# 14 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 15:33

Oh, isnt it fab to be in the closet and get business from some secret queer "gay mafia" connection!

Makes hiding your sexuality like some terrified kitten all well worth it for closet cases!

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# 15 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 16:47
a chara,
as i used to say when i was working in an office: your handle tools, you communicate with computers, youlive with people (or around).

I hope we will see of you to air your REAL concerns.

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