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# 1 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 15:56
From http://www.gcn.ie/newgcn/community/comm_news.html


This is a note to introduce myself and to let you know about the imminent return of OutYouth.
My name is Michael and I am the new LGBT Youth Worker for the Dublin area, based in OUThouse Capel St. My position is the first of its kind in Ireland and came about as a result of 2 years of constructive interagency work.

The need for a full time LGBT youth worker was first identified at a round table discussion hosted by OutYouth in 2001. A committee of representatives of LGBT community groups was establihed which, in partnership with the City of Dublin Youth Services Board, submitted a successful funding proposal to the Department of Education and Science. The Department are funding both the youth work post and the running costs of this new youth work project on an annual renewable basis. The focus of my role will be on direct one-to-one and (primarily) group work with young people.

Just before Christmas, as you are probably aware, OutYouth was put on hold, as the volunteer facilitators who had invested so much of their time, creativity and insight into the group had to re-channel their energies into their studies and work. Now that I am on board I am delighted to announce that this much missed group will meet for the first time since Christmas on SUNDAY 27th APRIL at 3.30pm in OUThouse. The group will then meet every second and last Sunday of the month in the same venue. All LGBT young people under 23 (and those who do not identify with those terms but who are interested in the group) are welcome.

If you are a young person who is interested in coming along on the 27th or on any other date and want more details, or if you want a confidential chat, you can mail me at this address(outyouthdublin@hotmail.com) or call me at 01 - 8734184.

I aim to establish a youth service which is driven by the needs and interests of LGBT young people, so I would really appreciate all young people's suggestions and imputs at this early stage.

Please forward this mail to anyone you think may be interested, or post it on your site if possible.

Yours Warmly,
Michael Barron
LGBT Youth Worker


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# 2 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 15:58
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# 3 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 16:00
Do, it's enjoyable and varied, and a decent way to meet ppl off the scene, and for newbies to come out/meet other young lgbt ppl, without throwing themselves to the wolves in some pub or club.

Plus, now it will be structured and professional. A nice change!
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# 4 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 16:01

Y0U in a Bad Mood today Tisi.
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# 5 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 16:02
"throwing themselves to the wolves"

It was then that Thomas realised the subliminal psychological effect Ripley was having on the posters.
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# 6 : Thursday 17-4-2003 @ 16:02
Vodka on the rocks Thomas and make those rocks pills.
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# 7 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 10:41
Cool. I always meant to go among to that group. But then I went and came out anyway. Still I know a few people who used to attend and they made some really good friends. I think I was at a coming out workshop where Michael was the facilitator. Very good. Keep up the good work!
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# 8 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 10:41
Come on Flurkboy. What's the hold up?! I only get 4 hours for lunch!
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# 9 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 10:53
what? Ceard? wha?
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# 10 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 11:49
She's a Bot, Flurk, a robotic poster. She's not real.
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# 11 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 14:17
well now.....isnt that lovely.....
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# 12 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 14:18
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# 13 : Friday 18-4-2003 @ 14:18
you will learn to ignore them dont worry :-)
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# 14 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 15:28
Cheers! 'Tis nice to hear a good review. Feel free to go along though, even if you are already out - it's not just for newbies!

And what with it now being better than before, why you couldn't *possibly* not go

(hmm, double negatives.. tut-tut)
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# 15 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 15:30
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