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# 1 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 18:07
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# 2 : Thursday 3-4-2003 @ 19:10
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# 3 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 19:35

How soooooo
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# 4 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 20:21
what are you on about? you freakus?
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# 5 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 20:27

How can u say this place is a Hell Hole,How so.....
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# 6 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 21:27
The post was a lot longer earlier but Shaggaholic obviously decided to edit it down to whats left for whatever reason. If you read this Shaggaholic and what you said was true you should repost it.. I will definitely remark to the folks in GUBU about it if its true (but will do nothing unless you repost).. That sort of attitude is absolutely unacceptable.
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# 7 : Saturday 19-4-2003 @ 22:03
i removed the orginal as when i went 2
post it 2 topics with the same content was
posted and when i tried removing one i
removed both but i've just restored the other
one now.
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# 8 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 04:02
thats totally shitty! I take it this place is a gay bar??? well if it is the aul queen of a barmaid was probably just jealous that she had had any since 1994.
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# 9 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 16:00
Hi there, Shaggaholic,
whether you repost your message, as Paddybear suggested, or leave it as it is, what the bar-tender said to you was entirely illegal (not to mention if he had acted on his words).

I hope you and your boyfriend continued on as you had been, before being interrupted. Two peices of legislation are in force in this state to ensure that kind of discrimination no longer occurs. Have a word with the manager about it - the petite blonde. (It doesn't have to be confrontational: as manager of the bar - which, incidentaly, is part of a series of premises owned by the O'Regan brothers, including Front Lounge, Eden restaurant, and the Globe - she'll know her obligations to the clientele, whatever their persuasions.)

Something similar happened to a some friends of mine in the IFC: a (newish) waiter refused to serve them, expressly due to the fact that they were a lesbian couple. Another friend who was with them told the manager immediately, and the waiter was never seen there again.
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# 10 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 16:07
that is terrible to Shagga, and very unlike Gubu, please dont let this one idiot barperson stop you from enjoying Gubu in the future, God I am so angry hearing that
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# 11 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 17:53
Yes, it's as disgraceful as it is bizarre.

For the record, I snogged a date at a quiet time in the evening in GUBU about 3 weeks ago.

We were there for an hour and we sat at the bar. We only had one coke each. At one point, my date told me that he had never snogged a guy openly in bar before. So I dared him to.

It took him a little while to work up the courage but then we did snog, for about 3 mins, before coming up for air.

No-one said anything to us & so it should be. But what if someone had? It would have been terrible.

I think Colzz is right, it was atypical.

Carry on snogging, at any rate. Don't let the bastards in this life grind ya down.

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# 12 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:13
" ... and the waiter was never seen there again"

I feel all warm and gooey inside.
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# 13 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:17

Yeah, this is definitely not the general policy of GUBU.

guys snog there all the time.
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# 14 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:22

I cant snog their ahh shure J*****

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# 15 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:28
my boyfriend was very annoyed and asked me 2 leave with him, as i did, but it's not going 2 stop me going to the Gaire meeting up thing being held in GUBU
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