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Irish Lads. Good Lovers?
# 1 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 11:58
Are Irish women good in bed?
If so, why are there so many married men out there looking for blokes?
And are Irish men good lovers?
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# 2 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 12:06
You live in Dublin....should you not know the answer to this yourself?
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# 3 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 14:15
Are u irish?
Sounds like you are one.
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# 4 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 15:45
Yeah Im Irish.You Irish?
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# 5 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 19:12
Nope! That's why I advertised the topic..
Are you a he or she?
No offence but the name does not give me any clue...
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# 6 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 19:31
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# 7 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 20:36
Ok....let me see...my username is Lady....and I have a female cartoon icon thingy....that would make me male wouldnt it?Or would it?
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# 8 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 20:38
And by the way....Irish women are faaaantastic in bed!!!!
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# 9 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 21:24
Lady, to be honest with you.
Those signs and nickname don't mean anything?
Do you remember in which website are you surfing in?
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# 10 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 21:28
Tisiphone? Are you a he or a she?
Or she-he he-she?
Anyway... I do not know as per original question, if women are so goood in bed, how can you explain, if you could, so many "happily married" men living secret double lifes?
Could it be that they are simply unsatisfied or took the wrong decision to get married or are bi....?
Anyway,have not tried irish women but yes some guys and are just o.k.
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# 11 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 22:21

"just ok in bed"

The condescension is just so dripping.

So, and vain and self - obsessed Italians are all better in bed?

Yeah, Right!

P.S. I think you can take it that Lady is a woman. We are not ALL men on this.
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# 12 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 22:38
Yeah I know what web-site Im surfing.Yeah Im female (v observant of you Ronan lol )

I can't answer for married men,all I can do is answer as an unsatisfied married woman,who right now is very very confused bout my sexuality. and the reason Im on here is to maybe start to explore what I really want.

The only thing I can suggest to you,is if you are so interested in finding out what Irish women are like then try them for yourself.

"but yes some guys and are just o.k."....not every shag one has is brilliant you know!!!!

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# 13 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 22:40
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# 14 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 22:44
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# 15 : Sunday 20-4-2003 @ 22:48
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