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Missing The Indie Scene?
# 1 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 13:45
Hey all. Just wondering. Does anyone miss the indie gay scene. It never seemed that big but it was such fun. I mean thoroughly cool Q and A came, went, came back again, and is now gone again. In between we had Sharpshooter in Eamonn Dorans (which rocked contrary to popular belief). So whats next for the scene? Dance music and nutrasweet pop is all fine but we need something we can really get our teeth into, put on our eyeliner and jump around to music from the likes Placebo, Nirvana and David Bowie.

Does anyone else agree with me?
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# 2 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 13:50

That posting was so good you posted it twice, eh?

Only slaggin!
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# 3 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 13:59
If I have to repeat myself to get attention so be it
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# 4 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 13:59
If I have to repeat myself to get attention so be it
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# 5 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 16:13

I am sure you will get a good response to this one eventually, Flurkboy.

But generally Sunday is a very bad day for gettin a response on the Gaire boards.

Most people seem to visit it when they are at work on weekdays, on their office computer.
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# 6 : Monday 21-4-2003 @ 16:57
this has come up before, from what i remember there where quite a few people posting to Gaire who have similar tastes in music and similar feelings towards the crap that gets played on the gay scene.

Q&A and sharpshooters where excelent
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# 7 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 07:54
Yeh. I think in the eight months that sharpshooter was on I only missed it 6 or seven times. Even when the turn out wasnt that good fun was had.
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# 8 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 13:37
I would love 2 go to a gay indie night. The basement in Thomas Reids would make a good venue.
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# 9 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 14:41
I loved it, it was so cool heraring the music I love in a gay club, the best feeling I have ever had in a gay bar was in Eamon D's when they played something like the breeders,nirvana or the smiths, sniff sniff I am all depressed now
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# 10 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 16:42
Oh yes, bigtime.

And judging from the turnout at the last Q+A in Temple Bar Music Centre, the demand is certainly there.

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# 11 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 16:44
lets start a petition click!!
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# 12 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 16:53
Oooooooh *petitions*!!

Just let me warm up the clip-board, and practice my "rah-rah-rahs".
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# 13 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 17:45
Not a gay venue, but I have been there in the basement, great atmosphere usually. What's to stop us from colonising it for a night?
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# 14 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 04:00
It seems that almost every facet of the "scene" and gay life is accounted for in Dublin bar this, which is a shame. I would love to bop around to some Breeders,Smiths,Pixies and so forth. This might sound lame but if we work together we could make our own indie night. Or am I just talking shit?
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# 15 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 09:29
As much as I would love it, unless one of us happens to be a promotor with money we havent a hope in hell :-(
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