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Board Reform
# 1 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:24
Thomas, Mods et al,

Maybe we could use a new approach to 'shout-out' threads / 'anyone on-line' threads. I'm as guilty as anyone of posting fun but worthless chit-chat that does not deserve to be preserved for future generations to contemplate.

1. Create a new thread called 'Shout-out' or 'Anyone want to chat?'.
2. Ask people to confine their general hi-di-hi's to that thread. Tell people to be sure not to post any life-changing/earth-shattering remarks in that thread as the entire thread will be automatically deleted at the start of every day and a new empty 'shout-out' thread will appear in its place.

3. See how the idea takes off and whether people find it useable or are willing to confine their natter to it.

Just a suggestion. Is that workable?

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# 2 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:26
Wheelie,a fellow Galwegian supports the idea wholeheartedly.
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# 3 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:28

I 3 on that idea....
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# 4 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:28
and this mad bitch has suggested it on many occasions?
It pissed me off a few weeks ago, di dyou not see the posting. where i had a huge fanny fit and lost it.. i agree and something is needed in that format
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# 5 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:31
Sounds grand.But what when new people come on the site?The "hi" threads are maybe how some people get to know whats going on with others,looking back over older threads etc.Yeah sure it does keep the board tidier.
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# 6 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 18:34

Oh Sweet Jumping Jesus you just made my day Diva...
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# 7 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:09
Yes definitely. All mindless drivel (er, I mean shout outs) will be deleted the next day. Will do us grand until I get the chat room up and running.
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# 8 : Tuesday 22-4-2003 @ 19:30

Sir Thomas,
Are you putting in a chat room i thought it t'was said No chat room for here... By-Jesus a Chat- room shure Bloody hell i'll never Leave.. Only Joking....Of Course...
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# 9 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 07:46
Hi All

I've seen suggestions recently that seem to be taking this free voice forum to another level dominated by the people who seem to live on this board. Frankly I feel it should be left the way it is and the posters have there say. I'm not sure have you noticed but new memebers do not stick around here as most of the time they see the same back slapping of the more vocal members and also the bitching of the so called moderators. If I was comtemplating sticking around here as a new member I'd be thinking twice. This is more a boys club and if your opinion is not in line with the general concensus then game over.

Leave the boards the way they are!
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# 10 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 07:56
My point is illustrated to the tee on this thread. Some guy who posted for the first time who maybe has not had time to search the place was lambasted (As usual) by DD and also a comment made by Pol. Why would that guy want to come back here ???? he's basically been told to shag off.
Ronanr gave a grand response to the guys questions not a bitch slapping like DD tends to dish out all the ime!

ALL GET A LIFE and Live and let live. You DON'T have to read the posts....

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# 11 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 08:18
i would hardly call it lambasting sorrento.
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# 12 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 09:23
I agree chat room would be the death of Giare, well Gaire as we know it anyway. It might be a good idea to try the chat room for two months or so, or is that kore trouble than its worth? Ps I despise the shout out posts too.
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# 13 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 11:02
basically a comment should not have been made about his post. He's entitled to write crap if he wants.
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# 14 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 11:02
Oh, so they have internet on computers now Sorrento.
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# 15 : Wednesday 23-4-2003 @ 11:15
What are you talking about Sorrento? Nobody has posted for the first time on this thread???
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