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New Dart Time Table
# 1 : Thursday 3-12-2009 @ 00:24
I am surprised not more people are annoyed with the new DART timetable, Dublin is meant to be a world class city but Irish Rail got rid of peak hour service this week, meaning the trains are jammed pack in the Morning and evenings making it pretty unpleasant experience.

Contacted the Department of Transport to complain said its not their job to deal with timetables and the DART customer service, they said they have improved service,

I m surprised not more people of the thousands in Dublin who use the the DART have not complained, please contact your local TD or the to try get more of sane service back in place

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# 2 : Thursday 3-12-2009 @ 00:25
I don't use the Dart myself but I thought they had put on more services? Or a service every 15 minutes?

Is this not more frequent?
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# 3 : Thursday 3-12-2009 @ 00:27
Ah now,brother,our brothers de train drivers are not to be discommoded by the likes of you,whats more important,passenger comfort or drivers leisure time? Exactly,brother.
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# 4 : Thursday 3-12-2009 @ 04:58
The new timetable is a joke. I use the DART everyday now it takes me longer to get back home in the evenings. Besides, i asked yesterday for the new timetable and the woman in the info desk at Connolly told me they are not printing them, that you have to get it from their website. Fair enough, but don't they realise that not everybody has access to internet, or the tourists? Is it a cost cutting measure? At least they could print some for some time while people get used to it.

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# 5 : Thursday 3-12-2009 @ 23:26
they use to be every 5 minutes or so at rush in the morning and in the evenings, so if a train was too packed you could just wait a few mins and get the next one, they have decreased the service they are now only every 15 mins at rush hour, so its like India on the trains in the morning now, probs make more people go on the bus on the train,
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# 6 : Friday 4-12-2009 @ 00:53
get up a bit earlier and you wont have to make a mad dash for the bus or dart.
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# 7 : Saturday 5-12-2009 @ 17:33
Yeah will have to do that just feels like india on the DART its like the turned back time, it had been reasonable to get a seat since they expanded the platforms, no its so nice its like Irish Rail trying to make life in the recession uncomfortable for everyone who uses the DART, surprised more people on this don't get the DART to work and do not want to make Irish Rail bring in a proper frequent train service at rush hour
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# 8 : Saturday 5-12-2009 @ 17:40
There was a piece about this in today's Irish Times
PASSENGER DEMAND for Dart services is being met, Iarnród Éireann has insisted after Fine Gael criticised the new timetable, claiming it had resulted in a reduction in peak-time services.

Dún Laoghaire-based Fine Gael Senator Eugene Regan said the changes, introduced on Monday, meant a 33 per cent reduction in rush-hour services, based on figures from Rail Users Ireland.

An Iarnród Éireann spokesman said however that overall the number of Dart journeys a day had been reduced only slightly from 163 to 156 journeys, and that while “some trains are busier, we are meeting passenger demand”.

He added that “when a new schedule comes in, changing an established pattern of travel, it can take a few days to adapt”. The company was monitoring the situation.

Mr Regan said however that peak-hour services were in effect being reduced. The rail company had announced a new 15-minute interval service to be introduced across the full day with additional services at peak-times to match demand.


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