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My Big Problem
# 1 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 13:58
Hi all,

I hope you can help me with my problem. I am a short man - about 5' 6''. And I am seeing a guy who is at least six foot.

I am meeting him in public soon, with some of his friends, but here's my problem - I'd love to snog him in public but I just have this strange feeling that the sight of a really tall guy snogging a short guy will just be really comical to all of the onlookers and that they might be sniggering at us without us knowing it.

Am I right? What should I do?

Yours sincerely,

'Worried of Ringsend'

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# 2 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:06
If they are his friends.. they are more likely to find it sweet then funny.
Don't let it get to you...
Don't mess up a good thing just cos your self concious...
This may sound dum but bare with me....
How about meeting them in a pub...
or a place where they'll be sitting... height would'nt really matter then...
I know not great advice.. its all I got

Wheelie 5'6 is not short!!!!

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# 3 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:06
It's only 6 inches....I don't think that's that huge a gap in height...is it? I'm bout 5'4 ish and have never had probs with people over 6',it never even crossed my mind (then again it was once commented to me that we're all the same height once lying down hehehehe - Sowwy )

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# 4 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:08
Exactly....5'6 isn't short...what I wouldn't give to be 5'6
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# 5 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:12
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# 6 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:33
you are a real cutie wheelie, so what if they laugh. youre the one whos gonna be ehjoying yourself
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# 7 : Thursday 3-4-2003 @ 14:35

you have no need to worry - its all about confidence not height - if people laugh then its their problem not yours!

I'm 6ft 3 myself and I generally am always looking down on people - hence my fantasy to kiss someone who is taller than me!!

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# 8 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 14:47
Oh wheelie don't worry it's not a big problem, it's more of a teeny weeny problem. Give up the fags, stunding growth and all that!
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# 9 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 15:26
yeah, cop on and get some leg extensions and get on with it!
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# 10 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 15:29
Or do what I do...wear docs or any such boots with soles at least an inch think
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# 11 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 15:34

So would you say that 'Short-on-tall action' is not only acceptable - but even fashionable at present?
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# 12 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 15:42
oui tres tres chic, c'est le grands et petite le pompt le pompt le pompt
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# 13 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 16:03
Ok - I give up - what does le pompt le pompt mean?


L'homme poilu?
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# 14 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 16:22
its french

le pompt du chef!
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# 15 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 16:26
"it's french" - ya don't say, no shit, etc.

But what does it mean, mon petit poilu?

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