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Saturday Night
# 1 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 19:10
Guys and gal
It was a pleasure to meet you all; and as was to be expected..some had more pleasure than others. I think everyone had a very enjoyable night though.

The thing that struck me as the elder lemon who's first gay fumblings in rural Ireland were fraught, covert and shame ridden..seeing the new hatchlings chatting and flirting and generally being happy and normal irish queers..brought to mind that Fatboy Slim album title... as far as being gay in ireland goes....'You've come a long way baby'. Long may it last..onwards and upwards. Yez are all feckin' brill'ant.

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# 2 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 19:17

Very Well said.....
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# 3 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 19:25
awww shucks paddybear, thats great. not to say that its easy to come out, but its easier these days. I'm glad to have met you, you seem like a pretty sorted fella.

PS I owe you a pint! remind me next time.
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# 4 : Thursday 3-4-2003 @ 20:08
Paddy u've said my what I was always thinking!

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# 5 : Tuesday 29-4-2003 @ 20:45
Things really have changed!
Years ago when I lived in Dublin, there were only two bars that were frequented by the gay crowd. They didn't admit to being gay bars though!
Rice's on the corner of Stephens Green,
(the building is no longer there) and Bartley Dunnes.
No snogging allowed! You'd be barred!
Rices, because of it's prominent location, a lot of people were afraid to be seen coming or going, so avoided it, except under cover of dark, a quick furtive glance around and slip in the side door. Only the truly brave, or brazen used the front door.

David Norris had the biggest influence on the Irish gay scene. When he brought about the Hirschfeld Centre. That and his tireless work in the courts to decriminalise gay sex.
A statue should be built to honor him, and don't wait until he dies! (may that time be long in coming)

Then Mr. Pussy opened a club on Parnell Square. Then the Pembroke started having gay disco's on Sunday mornings, and soon had "ladies night" .

Limerick, Cork, Galway none of them had a gay bar. Pilgrimages would be made to Dublin.

So, yes, things have improved, hopefully it is easier for kids to come to terms with being gay in a less stressful way than before. Now there are resources to help.

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# 6 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 10:39
Thanks Paddybear

Didn't really get to talk to you at all but you're right things are a lot easier nowadays, in terms of social acceptance etc, etc
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# 7 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 10:51
well i hope thats the case couse ive made up my miind, im gona tell the mother!!

i know she wont accept it at first, feck it, at the end of the day if im happy thats all that counts!!

i was going to tell her yesterday, put i chickened out!! the sisters have said that they’d support me it all goes pear shaped so ill be grand!!
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# 8 : Thursday 3-4-2003 @ 10:56
Tuc, love your attitude - indeed its out happiness matters most and if your mother has a problem - then its her issue and not yours

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# 9 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 11:10
You'll be fine, Even if she doesn't accept it at first chances are she'll come around

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# 10 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 11:14
It seems that I missed a really nice evening..... :-((

when is the next one ?
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# 11 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 11:17
I've been going to come out at home but never get round to it

Must give you a nice funny story about a friend of mine. He was involved in his college LGB society and went to the USI LGB standing conference, when he came after the weekend, his mother found a folder with the words LGB written on it. She asked him what LGB stands for and he replied "Ladies and Gents Basketball" She then said, "you're too small to play basketball" and he was like well okay its Lesbian gay and bisexual.

This person did not have an easy time coming out to his parents but now he's an LGB rights activist and his parents are proud of him
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# 12 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 11:50
good luck tucker you'll be grand! you've got the support here if you need it.
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# 13 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 11:53
thanks a million guys!!

will keep ye informed on her reaction!!
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# 14 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 12:05
One time in work we were talking about acronyms and one guy didn't understand what they were. And I said "Oh you know like IBM, USA, GCN"

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# 15 : Wednesday 30-4-2003 @ 12:05
Oh no Thomas! What have I done? I smashed open my little boy's piggy bank, and for what? A few measly cents, not even enough to buy one beer. Wait a minute, lemme count and make sure... not even close.
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