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Apple Ipad "Tablet"
# 1 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 22:42
It's a mock up but is looking likely to be announced by Apple towards the end of January (26th / 27th)

More info here. It looks SEXY!

http://gizmodo.com/5434566/the-exhaustive-guide-to-apple-tablet-r etc ...

Looks like it will be a 10" Screen

The NYT reported "You will be very surprised how you interact with the new tablet," whatever that will come to mean. As much as Steve Jobs saying they've got some "interesting ideas" about small computers, presumably. Martha Stewart is hyped about it, maybe 'cause it has something to do with diners.

Most of the excitement lately is that it's going to redefine newspapers, books and magazines, which we heard from some publishers, and maybe textbooks, which an insider told us. We're not the only ones who've heard it's got an ebook bent.

Everybody pre-conceived the iPhone based on the iPod and, to a lesser extent, the Newton. Everybody was wrong. Today, most everybody is pre-conceiving the tablet based on the iPhone. Maybe we're all wrong again, or maybe the leaks are better this time.

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# 2 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 22:45
I'm looking forward to this. It better have a kick ass OS though and not just be a big iphone. The technology behind the last tablet (that was scrapped) went into the iphone so I expect big things from this.
# 3 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 22:45
Looks quiet big are people meant to carry this round in their pockets?
# 4 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 22:47
Someone said :
Looks quiet big are people meant to carry this round in their pockets?

They are trying to crash the netbook and ereader markets.
# 5 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 22:47
Someone said :
Looks quiet big in my opinion are people meant to carry this round in their pockets?

Not quiet. It's expected to have a 10" screen.

I guess it's something inbetween a Notebook and a MacBook - A handy equivilent :-)
# 6 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 23:00
I'm probably gonna get one if the price isn't too insane - could be handy for surfing / reading at mealtimes or in bed. Add in optional 3G support and the commute could be a lot more fun.
# 7 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 23:03
Was the Image link broken? Have put in a new one..

I reckon it will get a reasonable price or will certainly drop a good bit after the initial bedlam.

Maybe €500...
# 8 : Wednesday 6-1-2010 @ 23:21
Yeah it was broken for me - the new one works though.

I think I would wait a while too - the iphone dropped in price about a month after launch. €500 sounds like a good price.
# 9 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 14:03
This is happening tomorrow. Getting all excited

Though the new Guardian app for the iphone / touch has cancelled out one of the benefits I was looking forward to - a decent way to read news stories at lunchtime.

Lets hope the new device has a clever way of reading newspapers / magazines in their proper format, quickly and easily.
# 10 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 14:54
Is this going to be another must have hand held device, a kind of Itunes for print.
# 11 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 20:43
It looks nice, I'd really like one...

Here are all the the rumour stories in one place thanks to Mashable:

http://mashable.com/2010/01/26/apple-tablet-all-the-rumors-in-one etc ...

# 12 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 21:23
I can see these being integrated into smarthomes as consoles for control of everything (if they don't strangle the apps).
# 13 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 21:51
It really demonstrates how everything moves in a circle - here we are back to the basic ancient idea of the tablet, a kind of digital papyrus...Things stay the same even as they change - the old forms resurface in modified ways.
# 14 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 21:52
Yes if you think we can compare a clay tablet to something with computing ability....
# 15 : Tuesday 26-1-2010 @ 21:53
Someone said :
Yes if you think we can compare a clay tablet to something with computing ability....

No, I meant from a design point of view - the old, inexorable archetypes that keep becoming new.
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