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Apple Ipad "Tablet"
# 376 : Monday 25-11-2013 @ 22:24
And what are Windows like in terms of apps/OS? I only really know of Android and Apple when it comes to OS.
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# 377 : Monday 25-11-2013 @ 22:28
I added a video to the previous post

this next video may answer some questions

# 378 : Thursday 28-11-2013 @ 00:49
Two features which appeal to me on the Windows Surface 2 are

1. The kick stand so it can stand by itself and you don't have to hold it constantly with one hand. I notice that when on Skype with people using iPads. They are constantly moving the damn thing and I get sea sick trying to chat to them.

2. The detachable keyboard (which is very thin) It acts as a cover to protect the screen when not in use and for me a particular pet peeve, it cuts down on the touch screen use.
I don't want a touch screen, I don't want finger prints all over the screen. And I just feel better typing on a keyboard instead of the screen. And when you do use the screen to type on, it takes up most of the screen and you can't get a good view of what you are doing.
# 379 : Friday 29-11-2013 @ 14:34
Some more tablet info in today's Gaurdian

The best tablets for under £200

Miles Brignall test drives the Tesco Hudl, Amazon's Kindle, the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus to see which can take a bite out of Apple

full story:
http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/nov/29/tablets-best-200-hud etc ...
# 380 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 22:01
Last few days my ipad is very slow when loading pages.It was never like this before.
# 381 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 22:05
The relevations that the NSA has hacked into them would make me reluctant to get one as it is made by a US company. Snowden has revealed 100,000 computers have had bugging devices implanted in them when work also when you are offline. Maybe get a Nokia/Samsung/Sony instead, and seek EU laws to protect European smartphone manufacturers from hostile US takeovers.
http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/apple-denies-helping-nsa etc ...

Having said that I love gadgets and am quite envious of Smartphone owners but it has to be the right one.
# 382 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:21
Christ on a bike Eamonn.Do you ever stop?
# 383 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:26
# 384 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:28
@ MWub, try cold shutting down the ipad. Not in standby but a full shutdown. This sometimes speeds up the browser if there are any issues.
# 385 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:30
Someone said :
@ MWub, try cold shutting down the ipad. Not in standby but a full shutdown. This sometimes speeds up the browser if there are any issues.

is there any clear cache app on iOS?
# 386 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:34
Not that I'm aware of. You can shut apps down individually. Also if safari has a lot of tabs open at once that can slow it down. Turning the device off will shut down all apps (obviously) so its handy if you don't know what the cause is.
# 387 : Saturday 18-1-2014 @ 23:42
Thanks guys for all the help.It is very much appreciated.
# 388 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 19:49
That iPad "composer" advert is such a crock!

It's a great device for browsing the web and watching movies but come on.
# 389 : Wednesday 18-6-2014 @ 20:15
Someone said :
That iPad "composer" advert is such a crock!

It's a reat device for browsing the web and watching movies but come on.

The Homer Simpson school of computer marketing: "it's even got all of the internet on it"
# 390 : Tuesday 15-7-2014 @ 21:37
iPad Causes Allergic Rash in 11-Year-Old Boy

A report in a respected pediatrics journal said an iPad was the cause of a strange and unexplained rash in an 11-year-old boy.

The report published in "Pediatrics," the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, said the boy was recently admitted to a San Diego hospital due to an itchy body rash.

Dr. Sharon Jacob from the Rady Children's Hospital said nickel used in the casing of the iPad apparently triggered the rash. Nickel is one of the most allergy-inducing metals.

Nickel rashes are not that harmful but patients become uncomfortable because of it. Treatment may require steroids and antibiotics if the skin becomes infected.

The Pediatrics report said the boy had a common skin condition that caused squamous patches, but he eventually experienced a separate rash all over his body. The rashes did not respond to the usual treatment.

Doctors did a skin test which discovered the boy had a nickel allergy. They also found out that his allergic rash was caused by an iPad his family had been using since 2010.

Tests on the iPad confirmed nickel traces on the device's outer casing.

"He used the iPad daily," Dr. Jacob said.

A protective case was put over the iPad and the boy's rashes disappeared.

There are no reports about whether other iPad models and Apple products contain nickel. Apple, Inc. has not yet commented on the incident.

http://www.chinatopix.com/articles/4156/20140715/ipad-causes-alle etc ...

Speculation on TV News last night that some iPhones might also be causes rashes etc..
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