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Apple Ipad "Tablet"
# 46 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 11:59
from the onion:

CUPERTINO, CA—Claiming that he completely forgot about the much-hyped electronic device until the last minute, a frantic Steve Jobs reportedly stayed up all night Tuesday in a desperate effort to design Apple's new tablet computer. "Come on, Steve, just think—think, dammit—you're running out of time," the exhausted CEO said as he glued nine separate iPhones to the back of a plastic cafeteria tray. "Okay, yeah, this will work. This will definitely work. Just need to write 'tablet' on this little strip of masking tape here and I'm golden. Oh, come on, you piece of shit! Just stick already!" Middle-of-the-night sources reported that Jobs then began work on double-spacing his Keynote presentation and increasing the font size to make it appear longer
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# 47 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 12:02
yes, it's posted about 3 pages ago. ahem
# 48 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 18:07
if they can make the display show pictures randomly it would make a very nice picture frame like the ones on sale everywhere.

I'f be interested to see the apple tv remote app on this.
# 49 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 18:17
Someone said :

"I will buy anything as long as its shiny and made by apple"

That is actually so true it is funny. There will be tonnes of idiots running out to buy this for this very reason when they have no clue about technology or what they are buying.

That's harsh. It seems a very credible alternative to a netbook.
# 50 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 18:20
I think it's a fail so far, but I expect they will quickly develop a lot of things on this to make it more appealing very soon. Developers had a very short timeframe to get stuff ready for this launch so I'll bide my time and see how it plays. The price is very unlike apple, a welcome development.
# 51 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 21:07
I will say that it looks very sexy, but i don't like the idea of it not having a cover like a laptop. I would probably need a screen replacement in the first week.
# 52 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 21:16
Could the idiots not have made something that could fold over and fit in you pocket other than something like a piece of slate my da chalked on when he was a kid.
# 53 : Friday 29-1-2010 @ 22:09
Someone said :
I will say that it looks very sexy, but i don't like the idea of it not having a cover like a laptop. I would probably need a screen replacement in the first week.

Ah I'm sure there will be screen covers etc etc to protect it!
# 54 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 10:44
Apple's new iPad is getting a lot of buzz and maybe not the kind they were hoping for. More than anything people are wondering what's up with the name? That was all the buzz online, taking in the top spot of trending topics on twitter. And the jokes just wouldn't stop, period. One word sums it all up, iTampon. Don't take our word for it just check out these tweets.

@BruinGirl2001: Will the next version of the #ipad come w/wings? will there be a model called the #itampon?

@wendymolyneux I'm already going through like 4 or 5 iPads a day because of my heavy workflow

@sarahk47: The iChastityBelt will come with a password instead of a key.

@fastcompany: iPad not the first choice for women. Period.

@parisiensalon: The new iPad was definitely designed for women in mind. It comes in 3 sizes: regular, super and maxi.

@zombieshark: It makes me happy that #itampon is the top trending topic. I like knowing that we collectively as a people are twelve years old.

@Yoni seriously though, iPad is the worst naming decision since "attack of the clones."

@jellobean113: Who needs an iPad when you can just use an #iTampon?

@hagbardc: Is it just me, or is everytime Obama says "Jobs" really funny given the events of earlier today in re: the iPad?

@iamtourmalet: #Apple needs to rename the #iPad How about the #MaxiPad instead? It comes in three sizes too!

@TheMissus: Every time someone says iPad, I just think they're from Boston.

The name is leaving many wondering whether or not any women were in that boardroom when the marketing execs thought of it.

And that's what's tweeting from 39's social media butterfly.

http://www.39online.com/news/local/kiah-ipad-tweet-story,0,271483 etc ...
# 55 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:04
nah, the jokes will get old very soon. I just watched the podcast and I have to say, even though I won't buy one yet (I'll wait till the 2nd gen) the thing is impressive, especially the ibooks bit. I can definitely see the kindle taking a bit hit.

Overall, I think this will do very well, especially when more publishers and developers make apps specifically for it.
# 56 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:17
Disappointingly the ibook feature is only available in the US for now. One more reason not to buy the 1st gen iPad.
# 57 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:19
It will be months before it is available for sale. It hasn't been approved by the FCC yet.
# 58 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:32
It will be available in Europe in March they say. Before that though Apple have to clear the hurdle of the Fujitsu iPad

# 59 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:41
"and a Canadian company even offers a breast-enhancing iPad bra..."

# 60 : Sunday 31-1-2010 @ 16:48
I thought the name was fine but apparently lots of women think its hilarious! I dunno maybe Steve needs to hire a few female consultants next time he names a device.
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