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Can We Cope With Weather?
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# 46 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 15:30
Things are not going to well over her weatherwise...

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# 47 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 15:50
Many parts of the US are suffering severe low temperatures as well.
South Florida normally balmy at this time of year is shivering.
It's having it's effect on some of the wildlife too!

# 48 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 15:59
Last bus tonight is 8pm on all Dublin Bus Services
# 49 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 16:28
So there is a such thing as winter tyres I never heard of them, some polish guy texted Moncrief asking why noone has winter tyres here. Apparently he has no problems on the roads.
# 50 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 16:29
Yes, I think the likes of Germany have made winter tyres mandatory...
# 51 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 16:56
not only do places like germany and canada have winter tires but many put chains on their tires so they can drive in icy conditions - though many places have made this illegal as it ruins the tarmac.
# 52 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 16:59
do we have sufficient snow/ice to warrant the use of winter tyres?
# 53 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:02
Someone said :
do we have sufficient snow/ice to warrant the use of winter tyres?

LOL - you've obviously not tried driving recently then?
Yes, we do! The roads are treacherous.
# 54 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:03
I thought the winter tyres are only for snow/ice of more than a minimum length?
# 55 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:06
Someone said :
I thought the winter tyres are only for snow/ice of more than a minimum length?

# 56 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:18
I must be confusing them with chained tyres. Never mind.
# 57 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:23
The spiked tyres need a minimum depth of snow/ice.
# 58 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:26
Thank you. That was what I was wondering.
# 59 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:26
No we cannot cope with the weather. I disagree that this is freakish weather. I have experienced far worse in Ireland than we have had in the last few days. The floods over the last few weeks are far more freakish.

However, in the 80's we had snow ploughs. And gritters. And grit. And salt. And gardai. Does anyone remember getting their car treated to prevent rust from salt in the winter? Or washing the car underneath during bad weather to get rid of the salt picked up from the roads? (I am showing my age here!).

There are a number of problems:
1. There were very few gardai out last night. The roads weren't any worse for me than the previous night. So what happened that a 1 hour journey took 7 hours. Disgraceful and there is absolutely no excuse for this.
2. Councils were totally unprepared. And even though we have been expecting bad weather for several days, they don't seem to have done much to get their act together. Did you know that there is a salt mine in IRELAND that has not been contacted by any councils that have run out of salt?
3. The busses last night were told to stop and disembark their clients. So they pulled up in inappropriate places, turned off their heat and forced customers to get off. No alternative arrangements were made for them. No account was taken of their state of dress (dressed for commuting in a bus, not for a long walk in icy conditions). Absolutely disgraceful.
4. There is no master plan for Dublin (or anywhere in Ireland) that looks at disasters. Many services were available but not contacted yesterday that could have helped (such as private ambulances to help alleviate the 2 hour waits, giving farmers grit and asking them to sort out their local roads, etc.)
5. Drivers are totally unprepared. In fairness many drivers do not get a chance to practice or get used to icy roads. But how many drivers have prepared - like filling up on petrol, checking batteries, tyre pressure and lights, like carrying de-icer, spare clothes, walking boots, ropes, shovel, flask of hot tea/soup, mobile phone topped up, another person being told when you should return and what route you are taking, etc etc.

I was out of work today. Not because of bad roads, or bad weather. But because I cannot face another lengthy journey to get home this evening. The cost of this to employers must have been phenomenal for today alone.
# 60 : Thursday 7-1-2010 @ 17:29
I should also have added that the busses were causing congestion because of being laid up in inappropriate places. Aungier Street was a good example of this and I am sure there are many more.

And also pedestrians. Wear sturdy shoes, and stop crossing roads in front of cars that might be put into a skid avoiding you!
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