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Can We Cope With Weather?
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# 106 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 21:18
Someone said :
In a nice contrast, this report was followed by coverage of how people who are braving the elements to do their job.

It is nice to get some thanks.
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# 107 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 21:20
I also heard that vodka will clear the ice from the footpath . Don't know how good it works .
# 108 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 21:31
you will see a lot of guys on their knees with tounges stuck to the path,if vodka comes into use!can anyone tell me is there salt in the sand on the beaches of ireland from the sea water?
# 109 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 21:31
well using vodka would be a mortal sin!
Leftover soluble sludge from distilled vodka is used in a deicing product.


# 110 : Wednesday 13-1-2010 @ 06:13
If agriculture workers are caught dispercing fertiliser near any water source
the penalties are severe.
The NRA seemed to have no problem with using fertiliser as a salt substitute on our
roads . There are catchement drains at both sides of our roads which feed into local lakes and streams. The fertiliser final journey ends in these lakes and rivers.
Will the EPA be allowed to challenge and fine the NRA for their decision to
break our enviromental laws. I doubt it .........

Tuesday January 12 2010

The National Roads Authority (NRA) was forced to use fertiliser to grit roads last week as supplies of rock salt ran low.

As stocks of grit disappeared in many counties towards the end of last week, the NRA decided to buy 600t of urea.

A spokesman for the NRA said that the high nitrate content of urea meant that it was a natural de-icer and, consequently, an ideal substance for use on public roads.

It had been anticipated that further quantities of fertiliser would be sourced by local authorities had the cold snap continued.

However, the thaw over the past two days and the increased availability of salt means that further supplies of urea are unlikely to be required by local authorities.

With up to 20,000t of grit being spread on roads each week since before Christmas, the volume of fertiliser used was very small.


A spokesman for the NRA described the decision to source the urea as a "stop-gap measure".

Two shiploads of rock salt have been landed over the past week. One shipment came into Foynes, Co Limerick, while another was landed in Cork over the weekend.

When told that urea was being used to grit roads, a senior farmer commented wryly: "So much for the Nitrates Directive, they might as well have thrown it straight into the rivers."

- Declan O'Brien

Irish Independent
# 111 : Wednesday 2-11-2011 @ 15:43
I am back, soaked to the skin but back from town and awake all night listening to the howling wind!
# 112 : Thursday 29-11-2012 @ 08:18
Wearing 2 jumpers and 2 pairs of socks today.
I don't care if that makes me a wuse, at least I'll be a somewhat warm wuse.
# 113 : Thursday 29-11-2012 @ 08:34
I think my nipples reached their peak this morning.
# 114 : Thursday 29-11-2012 @ 09:45
Someone said :
I think my nipples reached their peak this morning.

You've a big pair then?
# 115 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 11:55
I'm dressed up nice and warmly for a cold December's day and it's roasting weather today. Not cool at all
# 116 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 19:41
Yea just wet and miserable, prefer the cold to be honest.
# 117 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 19:59
I can cope with the weather but its the heating bill that kills me.
# 118 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 20:28
It's been really mild today. I went into town to get sone last things Xmas shopping all wrapped up and ended up sweating like a pig.

Such a change from 2 years ago when we were in the grip of Arctic conditions.
# 119 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 20:31
Someone said :
It's been really mild today.

This morning at 6am it was not mild! So windy / rainy / horrific!

Thankfully it cleared up.
# 120 : Wednesday 19-12-2012 @ 21:21
Someone said :
I also heard that vodka will clear the ice from the footpath . Don't know how good it works .

You drink the vodka and pee on the ice!
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