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Who Do You Follow On Twitter?
# 1 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 02:10
Twitter is a free social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers.

I do love

Stephen Fry is good too but he is taking a break..(Over 1 million Followers too)

And Davina McCall

Irish Rail is useful I guess..

There are so many - Most Musicians / Actors keep us informed with what they bring to the world daily too

Anyone you like / favour on Twitter?

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# 2 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 02:50
Not to many mostly keep track of

Amanda Palmer Musician

Brian Michael Bendis comic book writer

Emilie Autumn Musician
# 3 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 07:45
stephen fry,alan carr and justin lee collins.
# 4 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 09:25
I have a twitter free lifestyle - no one knows what I'm doing from one minute to the next. Anyways, I thought the twitter was the area between the twat and the shitter.
# 5 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 11:22
Someone said :
Anyways, I thought the twitter was the area between the twat and the shitter.

I think I may have to use that. I am also twitterless.
# 6 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 12:19
I don't have time for Twitter.
# 7 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 13:50
No flame on! The gap between the buh'gina and the shitpipe is called yer stinkers bridge. Anyhoo, i joined twitter briefly to follow stephen fry and a sexy painter i'd me eye on in germany but closed my account to see how absolutely incredibly boring the two of them were.
# 8 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 13:53
I have a twitter account, I think I have been on it twice since I opened it over a year ago
# 9 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 13:54
Someone said :
I don't have time for Twitter.

really? you could shave off a mere 20 hours a week off gaire and give it a whirl?
# 10 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 13:56
jimmy carr is quite good... he post some funny stuff.. if you liek jimmy carr that is
# 11 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 14:08
I try to check it about every 20 to 25 min.
From my watch list I would ALWAYS read each post from the celebs below, everyones else I would only read every second or so...I can take it or leave it with a few of them.

Olly Murs
Mario Maraconi
Calum Best
Nancy O’Dell
Louise Redknapp
Lucie Jones
Mischa Barton
Rachel bison
Michael Phelps
Andi Peters
Soulja Boy
David Mitchell
Snoop Dogg
Demi Moore
Philip Schofield
MC Hammer
Britney Spears
Lindsey Lohan
Ashton Kutcher
Gary Lucy
Stacey Solomon
Shayne Ward
Ruth Badger
Richard Madeley
Lil Kim
Leon Jackson
Brian Belo
Hollie-Jay Bowes
Jorgie Porter
Ashley Tisdale
Chris Fountain
Theo Paphitis
# 12 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 14:39
I occasionally check in on CNN Breaking News, Davina (though she's a bit annoying now that I'm not watching CBB) and a couple of US gaming journalists.
# 13 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 15:22
I'm pretty new, so far only Holly Marie Combs. She was my favourite in Charmed and reading her tweats is pretty damn awesome. *swoons*
# 14 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 16:09
Im enough of a twit without twitter.
# 15 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 16:12
I follow Your Ma and Powdervein
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