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The Pantibar Appreciation Thread!
# 1 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 22:59
This is where all the nice comments are left for the best pub / club in Dublin.

Cheapest Gay Pub/Club for drinks and the best entertainment on da Northside of the Liffey!

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# 2 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 23:05
I adore the place, the service is excellent, especialy the wonderful Manager from the North who lent me his jacket to keep warm outside on enight when I was freezing cold.
I love the atmosphere, especialy upstairs.
# 3 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 23:13
I miss the panties lightshades! Bring 'em back!
# 4 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 23:22
Used to like the place until a moronic so called dj decided to blast us out of it with his noise.
# 5 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 23:23
Someone said :
Used to like the place until a moronic so called dj decided to blast us out of it with his noise.

and what is it with the god damn smoke machine on 24/7!
# 6 : Friday 8-1-2010 @ 23:56
Panti's is grand but I think I prefer the FL
# 7 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 00:01
Im here in defense!! I love the Dj and the Smoke machine... the music is to kill off the sound of the queens and the smoke is only to smoke screen all the ugly people.. Its all meant for a reason.

Well I love the place, at least the staff have a bit of character and are friendly and will chat away to ya! The manager is lovely so he is and so is the French guy ahhh he's me favourite sexy salem. LOL...
# 8 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 10:04
It's a great place, the staff are excellent and the crowd relaxed. The entertainment is pretty good too. Ten out of ten Panti - keep up the good work.

Now if only this cold spell would end so I can make it to Dublin for a night out soon.
# 9 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 12:07
yea thumbs up for panti and the wonderful staff. they are so friendly and chatty. even to go in for a pint on my own during the week, they will always make conversation. athmosphere is great, harry & staff are great, bouncers are pleasant, prices are great, the two shows i saw were great and its kept really clean. havent tried the pizza's yet but i have a to get into an anne doyle soon. well done guys.
# 10 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 12:37
I 2nd that > I live in galway but always make the effort to get across to Dublin a few times every year and I love the craic and the people in Pantibar
keep up the good work and see ye all soon
# 11 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 13:21
Someone said :
Used to like the place until a moronic so called dj decided to blast us out of it with his noise.

Upstairs is for chatting and hanging out. Downstairs is a disco.
# 12 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 13:39
Pantibar is great... Gonna pop in there tonight!
# 13 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 13:40
I don't go enough (Boo) - I do love though how most people enjoy and love the effort that has been put into it.
# 14 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 13:43
Yea, credit where its due. It beats all the other places hands down in terms of friendliness, prices, entertainment etc
# 15 : Saturday 9-1-2010 @ 15:05
Yep its the only real gay bar in the city!

I'l be there tonight aswell
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