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Diana Vickers
# 16 : Friday 5-3-2010 @ 20:42
hows her claw has she got it under control?

love the song and video
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# 17 : Friday 5-3-2010 @ 20:43
And she's a little hottie, defo go straight for her!
# 18 : Saturday 6-3-2010 @ 14:05
Anyone think she sounds a bit like Shakira?
# 19 : Saturday 6-3-2010 @ 17:10
i thought she sounded a bit like andrea corr in places,maybe its just me...
# 20 : Sunday 7-3-2010 @ 12:33
I love the name of her album

Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree

It's been pushed back though to May 3rd :-(
# 21 : Sunday 7-3-2010 @ 12:47
I like it, kinda catchy though it reminds me of Dido a little?
# 22 : Tuesday 9-3-2010 @ 18:00
Oh Diana, how I ADORE YOU!


Diana Vickers has said that she will try to "tame" her trademark "claw" during her upcoming live dates.

The singer attracted attention for her infamous hand gesture during her time on The X Factor in 2008 but told MyBliss that she would try to rein it in.

Vickers said: "The claw - oh God, it's just this! I don't even know why I do it, I have no idea. I literally just go free when I'm singing and I do really weird things.

"I haven't even sung live for ages as me, as Diana, so there might be some new movements popping up somewhere. I don't know, we'll see."

She added: "I'm going to try to tame the beast, definitely. It is quite aggravating, it's like me, and my friend, so it's a bit distracting!"

Vickers plays a string of concerts in March ahead of the release of her debut album, with further dates also booked for May.
# 23 : Monday 5-4-2010 @ 13:16
The name is quite imaginative, definitely gonna get me a pair!


Diana Vickers is reportedly planning to bring out her own range of underwear.

The 18-year-old, who rose to fame through The X Factor, is currently in talks with several companies about launching the range, dubbed Diana Vickers' Knickers.

A source told Bang Showbiz: "We are planning to launch an underwear range - Diana Vickers' Knickers - soon. We are just trying to work out who with."

Vickers, who finished fourth on The X Factor in 2008, releases her new single, 'Once' on April 19.
# 24 : Friday 9-4-2010 @ 00:17
She only let him kill her once and this is all about it.

Another song from Diana - The Boy Who Murdered Love

This is another great tune, Diana will be bigger than Alexandra.

# 25 : Friday 16-4-2010 @ 09:51
the single is out today and the album on 30april.

i can see her doing really well,have had a lil preview and it sounds good.

shes also in this months attitude a lil interview .
# 26 : Friday 16-4-2010 @ 17:53
# 27 : Friday 16-4-2010 @ 17:54
Someone said :
Diana Vickers tour dates
http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a206188/diana-vickers-anno etc ...
(Alas no Dublin)

no dublin,thats proper shit.
# 28 : Friday 16-4-2010 @ 17:56
I know
She is also supporting JLS on some of their dates but none of them here
# 29 : Tuesday 20-4-2010 @ 21:07
She's gonna be Number One this week!

One day of sales and she is topping the charts!
# 30 : Tuesday 20-4-2010 @ 21:24
go diana.shes going to do so well.

shes on repeat on the pod at the mo.pity she isnt coming to dublin.
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