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Diana Vickers
# 31 : Tuesday 20-4-2010 @ 21:25
Someone said :
go diana.shes going to do so well.

shes on repeat on the pod at the mo.pity she isnt coming to dublin.

Think of it as an excuse for a break away...
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# 32 : Wednesday 21-4-2010 @ 18:36
Lordy Lord!

Really happy for her! That really was the best year for X Factor.

Alexandra Burke
Diana Vickers

And not forgetting Eoghan Quiqq


Diana Vickers has stormed in at the top spot of the midweek singles chart with her debut single 'Once'.

According to the Official Charts Company, Vickers has obtained a strong lead for the number one slot, selling 40% more copies than her closest contender, Chipmunk's duet with Esmee Denters 'Until You Were Gone', which is also a new entry this week.

The lead means she will most-likely retain her position for the final weekly chart announced on Sunday.

Tina Turner's 'The Best' is also expected to return to the top 20 this Sunday following a Facebook campaign by Glasgow Rangers fans. The song peaked at number five in the UK on it's first release in 1989.

On the album's chart, Paul Weller is on course to score his sixth number one album with Wake Up The Nation, and Meat Loaf's Hang Cool Teddy Bear and Kate Nash's My Best Friend Is You are currently holding positions four and six respectively.
# 33 : Saturday 24-4-2010 @ 11:12
So it's a certainity that this week The Vicks will be Number 1, real happy for her!

And 6 days until the album

Second single is looking very much likely to be

The Boy Who Murdered Love

# 34 : Saturday 24-4-2010 @ 14:14
i have the album on pre order,cant wait.such a different sounding voice so shes wicked.a breathe of fresh air.
# 35 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 01:45
Oh I like her too, must get her cd.
# 36 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 17:11
The album is getting a lot of 5 stars..

Out this Friday.


It won't have escaped your attention that here at DS we're quite fond of Diana Vickers - and from the sales of her debut single 'Once', it's clear that we're not the only ones. Chucking out a one-off pop hit is one thing though, but sustaining that charm over the course of an album is quite another. The early signs were good - Vickers has famously taken plenty of time to get the talent and tunes together, assembling a supporting cast that includes Ellie Goulding, Lightspeed Champion (Dev Hynes), Nerina Pallot, Starsmith, Cathy Dennis and longtime Björk collaborator Guy Sigsworth. And guess what... the claw-handed girl from Blackburn with the Marmite™ voice has pulled it off.

Almost as if to prove that it's a proper pop album, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree is frontloaded with the guitar-heavy slam of the Big Hit Single and a couple of likely follow-ups. 'Remake Me & You' out-pops the work of its co-author Ellie Goulding while sneakily nicking some of her edge. 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' is a lilting split song whose straight verses perfectly frame another massive chorus. With that voice clearly capable of conquering the whole electro-pop thing, a follow-up question is raised: Does it have what it takes for a proper weepie? The answer is 'Yes' on the fragile 'Four Leaf Clover' and epic-sounding, Pallot-penned 'Put It Back Together', but 'No', on the nice-but-generic 'Notice' and Hynes's stripped-back 'Me & You' - with those last two being the rare songs here that seem to lack a certain something.

However, there's fun and fizz in abundance elsewhere on the album. The brassy, hooky 'My Hip' still blows us away as much as the first time we laid ears on it, while a sparkling cover of The Sugarcubes' 'Hit' gives some modern gloss to Björk's former band's most commercial moment. Though it sadly excises Einar's gloriously uncool rap (maybe Vickers missed a trick by not roping in John & Edward to have a bash?), it should still inspire some of the new generation to delve into the back catalogue of Iceland's finest. Lyrically, the album is pretty one-note (being all about boyz 'n' breakups), but it still feels refreshingly honest. A line like "N.U.M.B. / I feel empty / Of feeling / Of feeling / Even God is grieving" might look completely absurd on paper, but in the listening, it just nails the tragicomic solipsism of depressed teenage heartbreak.

For all the sniffiness about RCA self-consciously trying to rebrand Vickers as a "credible" artist, the fact is that it's not just window-dressing. The average X Factor alumnus seeking serious success sticks to safe one-off shows and telly for a couple of years to build up the brand. Vickers has actually put the hours in on the road when it would have been so much easier (and less risky) to do a couple of chatshows and put her feet up. More importantly, she and her friends have crafted an album that's drenched in accessible pop melodies while never sacrificing the charm and personality that clawed us in from the start.
# 37 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 19:41
Digital Spy are hardly known for their discerning taste.

I've decided I dont like Once.

She's number 1 in the UK.
# 38 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 19:50
Someone said :
Digital Spy are hardly known for their discerning taste.

I've decided I dont like Once.

She's number 1 in the UK.

True about digital spy....so you dont like the song (I personally loves it..and the video is kickass) or you dont like it because its number 1? lol
# 39 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 19:56
Why would it's chart position effect my opinion?

I love many number 1s.
# 40 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 19:57
Er I was just being sarcy never mind
# 41 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 20:01
it will grow on you column.wasnt a fan when i first heard it,now i love it.

looking forward to the album.
# 42 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 20:11
I like the verse. I just dont like the chorus.
# 43 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 20:53
ugh...I finally have to ask who is this woman and why is her thread so popular?
and no I couldnt be arsed googling her.
# 44 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 20:55
Someone said :
ugh...I finally have to ask who is this woman and why is her thread so popular?
and no I couldnt be arsed googling her.

she came 4th in xfactor the year alexandra burke won.
# 45 : Sunday 25-4-2010 @ 20:56
She has a song out now and it's number 1 in Britain.
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