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Diana Vickers
# 61 : Saturday 1-5-2010 @ 14:09
the album is really cool the way theres a video with diana going through the album track by track,who wrote it,produced it,what its about etc great idea.alot of songs co wrote by ellie goulding and hit is a cover of an old bjork song.

faves so far::

the boy who murdered love
remake me & you
four leaf clover
you`ll never get to heaven
my hip
chasing you
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# 62 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:40
Diana Vickers is on course for number one with her debut album Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree this Sunday.

The singer, whose track 'Once' topped the singles chart two weeks ago, is currently leading the way ahead of Plan B's The Defamation Of Strickland Banks, the Official Charts Company reports.

Elsewhere on the album chart, Lady Antebellum's LP Need You Now and Diamond Eyes by the Deftones are holding positions 12 and 14 respectively.

On the singles chart, Roll Deep's 'Good Times' and Usher's 'OMG' are still battling it out for the top spot, with Roll Deep just 1,000 sales ahead.

Pendulum are on course for a top five position, with their new single 'Watercolour' currently at number four.

All their final chart position will be announced this Sunday.
# 63 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:21
Delighted she is doing well, hope she can last a while and not fizzle out...
# 64 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:23
I never ever hear about this woman other than on Gaire.
# 65 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:23
And yet you feel the need to tell us this.

Just don't click on the thread.
# 66 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:28
I can say it if I want. Thats been my experience(unexperience?) of her. Most topics on here Ive at least heard of. Thats all. Didnt realise I was wearing shoes in the Vickers mosque.
# 67 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:36
Someone said :
I can say it if I want.

Now Now, don't have Mammy put you to bed early.

# 68 : Friday 7-5-2010 @ 17:10
While looking a certainity to top the UK Album Charts this Sunday she made it to Number 7 in the Irish Charts!

I like to believe I helped.
# 69 : Sunday 9-5-2010 @ 19:44
Perfecked is gonna be all over this!

Number 1 album in the UK!!
# 70 : Sunday 9-5-2010 @ 19:54
Someone said :
Perfecked is gonna be all over this!

Number 1 album in the UK!!

thats brilliant.i bet alexandra is raging.
# 71 : Sunday 9-5-2010 @ 23:21
Someone said :
Perfecked is gonna be all over this!

Number 1 album in the UK!!

Great. Good for her. Maybe anyday now I'll hear her song on the radio or see her on tv.

# 72 : Sunday 9-5-2010 @ 23:41
Perfecked she was even on Expose there the other day... You're missing out on a nice slice of pop tartlet!!!
# 73 : Friday 4-6-2010 @ 01:38
Perfecked is prob still wondering who she is but the second single is out and about..

And here's the video which is amazing!

# 74 : Friday 4-6-2010 @ 10:05
Like the video....and also the boy who murdered her love HOT
# 75 : Friday 4-6-2010 @ 10:14
I like the video!....though did i spot her wearing shoes in the video . The song is catchy too
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