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Diana Vickers
# 91 : Tuesday 3-8-2010 @ 23:51
Someone said :

i was looking on the website,it says over 14`s and no alcohol

Eugh gonna give that miss.....I kinda fancied seeing Cobra Starship but they were the same deal
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# 92 : Saturday 11-9-2010 @ 00:48
Very excited!


Diana Vickers has announced the premiere date of her new single.

The song, called 'My Wicked Heart', will have its first play on Sunday, September 12 at 8pm.

Vickers tweeted: "I can not WAIT till all of you hear 'my wicked heart' remember radio 1 this sunday 8pm tune in!!!"

She also revealed that she is shooting the song's music video today.

Popjustice has described the track as "Florence [and the Machine] doing 'Under The Bridge' via 'Crazy Chick' with some big brassy other things thrown in. It is a little bit bonkers and quite a lot amazing".

The song opens with the line: "Hush hush stay quiet, your secret's safe with me."

'My Wicked Heart' is out November 7 and trailers a new edition of her debut LP Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree.
# 93 : Sunday 12-9-2010 @ 20:25
The new single

# 94 : Thursday 14-10-2010 @ 10:40
The video...

# 95 : Monday 15-11-2010 @ 22:49
Just back from seeing her. I enjoyed it, a few sound difficulties but she's well able to hold it together!

Probably preferred her singing to trying to interact with the crowd

She did some stuff of her new album which if it's anything to go by should keep her in the charts!

I think I was more impressed with Spark who was supporting her. I hope she makes it!
# 96 : Monday 15-11-2010 @ 23:26
I heard it was an over 14 gig....i.e. no booze...so decided to give it a miss
# 97 : Monday 15-11-2010 @ 23:28
Someone said :
I heard it was an over 14 gig....i.e. no booze...so decided to give it a miss

You heard right!
# 98 : Monday 25-7-2011 @ 21:41
I'm kinda completely over her, mainly because she is the biggest douchebag ever on Facebook but she does have a new album coming out...

# 99 : Friday 9-12-2011 @ 18:45
She's back and she's making boys cry!

# 100 : Thursday 15-12-2011 @ 07:10
Someone said :
She's back and she's making boys cry!

Can't stop listening to this. Love it.
# 101 : Thursday 24-5-2012 @ 22:29
She's back!

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