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Irish Music Thread
# 121 : Sunday 30-12-2018 @ 23:22
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# 122 : Tuesday 1-1-2019 @ 02:11
Our Roominations Album made Remy's Top 20 Albums of 2018.

The news hit me as more poignant the I thought it might.

17) Dr. Mindflip - Roominations: An Unauthorized Parody

"How can the band fittingly close out an album and voyage like this? 'Epilogue: Beardless in Hollywood' ensures you are reminded, in case you became too distracted by the chaos of the preceding tracks, of what they are all about. There's such powerful feeling in the vocal, strings and piano, almost sad, whilst the album takes your mind everywhere, they can also do the same within each individual song, which is some achievement.

Roominations: An Unauthorized Parody is without a doubt one of the most bizarre and overwhelming albums I've heard in a while, and it's magical, to be able to get the listeners imagination to run even wilder than the artists who composed it takes something special. In addition, a feature-length screenplay could be gleaned from Roominations, they should put in some calls; "Hey Elton, you still got that Mozart wig brah?"."

# 123 : Tuesday 5-2-2019 @ 23:05
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