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Nell McCafferty Outs Harney
# 1 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 22:49
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# 2 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 22:58

Pathetic, vindictive, crass and ignorant beyond the realms of human credibility. I would expect no less from McCafferty but this takes the creme de cassis. Harney has tried to do her best at her job and has become a complete hate figure. It's deeply unfair the treatment she gets in the media. I'm no fan of the PDs but the amount on invective this woman is subjected to is unacceptable. McCafferty has shown her true colours as a bitter old bully.
# 3 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:04
It does come across Nell being a little bitter / bitchy.

While she seems pretty sure of her facts it is based on rumour apparently.

Nell, when it comes to journalism, is the worst of the worst. She is beyond tedious.
# 4 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:05
that was bang out of order. although i can't stand harney it was very very wrong to bring up her private battles
it could send her over the edge.
# 5 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:09
No one merits the incessant assault that Mary Harney gets in the media. This is just treating someone like a whipping boy. It's become an actual disgrace at this point. Harney does not control the HSE - that's down to a number of factors including Management, Professor Drumm, the unions (etc etc). She has a modicum of influence over how it's run and I genuinely think she's trying to do a good job. Anyone else, myself included, would have quit and taken the pension ages ago. This has gone beyond legitimate commentary and entered into the realm of bullying. It should not be tolerated.
# 6 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:10
I dont see the big drama or scandal here anyway. So what if she has a drink problem? Thats neither the source of the problem nor a reason that will find a solution. Pur smeer campaigning.
# 7 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:11
Someone said :
it could send her over the edge.

Is she riding Dave Evans,good heavens,shocko.
# 8 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:12
This smacks of Nell McCafferty as a bitter old bully trying to get a last dig in and what she mistakenly thinks is the establishment. Pitiful in a way and it paints her out as a dreadful hypocrite.
# 9 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:13
That did seem a bit unfair of Nell McCafferty. It's not like she's been an angel and hasn't had any drink/substance problems of her own.

I have heard that Harney is certainly not the only one in Government to have a drink problem - the current Cabinet are known among some circles as the "drinks cablinet".

# 10 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:15
Anyone who would hammer somebody down when they're obviously in difficulty is not someone I would ever want to be associated with. Again, an utter disgrace.
# 11 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:16
Ever seen the "I Rocked Us"report? You would have to be a raging alcho' to do so,imagine being in that boring pit,jaysus.
# 12 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:18
So you've railed again the Catholic Church for years and as soon as you find a hidden weakness in someone already under pressure you go and exploit it for every inch of it's worth to hammer that person into the ground? Nell has proved that given time the slave will eventually emulate the master. Archbishop Nell Charles McCafferty, anyone?
# 13 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:20

sorry,i cant stand her and i think shes fucking useless.what has she done over the tallaght incident?? nothing.she fucked off to new zealand apparently to do with work.yeah,im sure.i dont care if shes a drink problem or not,but she has a job to do at the end of the day.ive been in A+E a couple of times over the last couple of months and its an absolute disgrace.
# 14 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:20
What did poor old bewildered Nell do to you? I reckon she was making a point (badly) about Harney's apparent inaction when she found out that doctors x-ray referral letters to Tallaght hospital were being 'filed' - implying she was too pre-occupied with a booze problem seems bland in comparison to dying of skin cancer because a hospital administrator didn't bother opening a doctor's letter back in 2003.
# 15 : Thursday 11-3-2010 @ 23:21
A fat woman is prone to excess of some kind, well I never?!
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