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"Mass" Walk Out During The Pope's Pastoral Letter
# 1 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 00:31

"Mass" walk out during the Pope's pastoral letter

Date: Sunday, 21 March 2010
Time: 12:30 - 13:15
Location: The Pro-Cathedral

Incensed by the way that the Catholic Church has handled the revelations about how it 'managed' information that it had about known abusers within its ranks? Then join us for a SILENT protest on this coming Sunday at the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin.

If you want to scream abuse this event is not for you. We wish to send a composed and respectful message to the Catholic Church that the attitude it has adopted concerning the way it protected known abusers within its ranks and ignored the rights of the abused, is not acceptable to believers and non-believers alike.

The position that the Church has taken thus far, is to

A) Claim that the law at the time did not mean that they had to report known abusers, even though common sense would indicate otherwise

B) Claim that they were getting unfair press for the abuse scandal and that really people shouldn't be focussing on them alone as there were other people abusing children as well.

C) Claim that the Vatican has been infiltrated by Satan and he is in fact to blame for every bad thing that has been committed by the Church and it's priests.

We feel that a letter from the Pope is not enough. The current Primate of Ireland has been shown to have witheld information regarding a serial abuser from the authorities and by doing so allowed that abuser to continue abusing for a further 20 years.

This cannot stand. A protest needs to be made. It needs to be public, and it needs to be brought to the churches door.

Please join us if you can. We aren't looking to cause trouble, we aren't looking to disrupt anyone's celebration of the Eucharist if that is what floats your boat. All we are looking to do is send a message to the Vatican, and to the Irish Church, that a letter is not enough. We need to see action.
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# 2 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 00:40
Buzzo, Who does this group consist of ?

Silent Protest...

Strange, When you think how the church have given the silent treatment themselves for
# 3 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 00:42
Someone said :
Buzzo, Who does this group consist of ?

Silent Protest...

Strange, When you think how the church have given the silent treatment themselves for

anyone thats annoyed and pissed off. .. should be a full house then...
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# 4 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 00:45
Join a better church.
# 5 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 00:54
Someone said :
Join a better church.


Sounds like a plan.
# 6 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 03:04
late night off topic crap...
could a mod clean this up when they get a chance..

thanks a mill.b.x
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# 7 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 08:02
deleted OFF TOPIC posts

back on topic - i think its a wonderful idea - i don't go to church but i would for this
# 8 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 08:35
I would love to see a mass 'exodus' from the churches but I don't think you really should be dictating how people should protest buzzo at a church. Its not a rally! If someone wants to scream blue murder from the pulpit because they were systematically raped by a priest, that is up to them. It would be more befitting the crimes involved.
# 9 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 08:46
The letter will be published on the Vatican website at noon today...

# 10 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 09:05
well my protest is not too attend mass, wait for the letter and reply to the church with one of my own and put my disgust in writing! let others do it their way, i think!
# 11 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 10:14
I formally left them.
# 12 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 10:17
Make sure you register it gobsmacked! The pope is a complete dildo when it comes to acknowledging his mail.
# 13 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 11:06
I see Brady is delivering the speech. Could they score a bigger own goal! They should have used a unknown priest from for this speech. Brady is tainted and for him to be delivering the speech is counterproductive.

They really don't get it do they.
# 14 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 11:30
it will register in their mind, i couldnt careless if they acknowledged or not! i am gone and thats a worry for them, not me.

@ newgrange, yes we know! i did it too, do a thread on it and get it out there!
# 15 : Saturday 20-3-2010 @ 11:44
If you haven't been going to Sunday Mass up until now, then turning up in order to walk out will be empty and could backfire. If there is a surge in attendance, with the 'extras' all getting up and walking out, then the regulars will see that. You can be sure the press will be told.

More damaging would be the likes of my parents, who do go to their parish church each Sunday, were to get up and walk out.
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