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Travelling To Dubai - Is It Worth It?
# 31 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:32
Someone said :
I call it my Axis of Evil tour and I hope to do it some day.

Love it. We can get you T-Shirts made!
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# 32 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:39
Someone said :
If we are discussing homosexuality as a person in traveling, we might want to look at home first, and make it comfortable for people to travel here.

I don't think you can compare Iran or Dubai to Wexford or Mayo. You will not be locked up or given the death penalty for being gay in Ireland. It's not about being comfortable. It's life or death in some cases.

I was simply refering to your point of not judging somewhere until you visit. It's hard not to judge when simply visiting could land you in prison.
# 33 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:45
How could it land you in prisipn unless your doing something you should not be doing.Yes their laws regarding homosexuals are wrong but that is the law or are wanting to
disregard another countries law.As it was pointed put at the beginning you might not agree with some laws and customs but you can be gay and be discreet there.
# 34 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:47
If you are contemplating an axis of evil tour cheezy, then you have to read tony wheelers (founder of lonely planet) 'bad lands'. Its a tour through george w bush's axis of evil with a few others thrown in. Saudi arabia reads like something from star wars. Fantastic book!
# 35 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:49
Someone said :
How could it land you in prisipn unless your doing something you should not be doing.Yes their laws regarding homosexuals are wrong but that is the law or are wanting to
disregard another countries law.As it was pointed put at the beginning you might not agree with some laws and customs but you can be gay and be discreet there.

I'm aware of all that. My question is more about whether Dubai is really worth that effort. When choosing to travel you factor in all these things. I just feel Dubai is a bit overhyped considering the amout of laws you're likely to break.
# 36 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 23:59
Dubai is work I got alright there once you remind yourself even a simple peck on the cheek(speaking as a straight guy)would be a possible tricky sitation.Having said that I do believe that would not see an arrest especially if it non Emirate natives.If you having sex or over excitied then yes trouble afoot.Dubai is grand when I was there but I saw a different Dubai I saw it from workers point of view(due to my friend)there was no fancy hotels.

On Cheezy point of hotels expensive I had to stay in a hotel for a few nights before I was with my friend and I got a great 3 star for about 80 euro a night ok this was 5 year ago.
# 37 : Monday 22-3-2010 @ 00:08
The U.A.E is actually one of the more liberal countries in the region.
Someone said :
I just feel Dubai is a bit overhyped considering the amout of laws you're likely to break.

Are you actually likely to break the laws? Surely if your visiting a place you'd make yourself aware of these things? If you can't abide by the laws of a country then you certainly shouldn't go. As for the gay issue as long, as you didn't flaunt it in public, there shouldn't be an issue?
# 38 : Sunday 4-4-2010 @ 11:25
Madness but I guess the laws are there to be respected...


Two Britons convicted of kissing in public had their one-month prison sentence upheld by a Dubai court today.

24-year-old Ayman Najafi and 25-year-old Charlotte Adams were arrested by police in the Gulf resort last November after a woman complained they had been seen kissing on the mouth in a restaurant, breaching Dubai's strict decency laws.

They were sentenced last month when a judge at Dubai's Misdemeanours Court heard written evidence from a 38-year-old mother who complained to police.

She said she was offended by their behaviour at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, where she was dining with her daughter.

The judge dismissed Mr Najafi's claim he had merely kissed Miss Adams on the cheek and sentenced both to a month in jail followed by deportation.

But the pair were bailed pending today's appeal which has now been rejected.

Mr Najafi has been working for marketing firm Hay Group in Dubai for about 18 months.

In 2008, two Britons accused of having sex on a beach got three months in jail, though their sentences were later suspended
# 39 : Sunday 4-4-2010 @ 18:00
According to the bbc the woman who made the complaint didn't actually see the couple kissing. Her two year old daughter did! It is also believed that the authorities are making an example of them as one of the couple is of muslim origin.
# 40 : Monday 5-4-2010 @ 01:00
Jesus - its like some weird kind of star trek episode - the planet kiss me not.
# 41 : Monday 5-4-2010 @ 01:06
It's crazy. All the money they spend on advertising is just wiped away because of stories like this. I can't imagine any couple wanting to go there on their honeymoon now.
# 42 : Monday 5-4-2010 @ 01:10
I have no inclination whatsover to go to that dessicated asphalt prudes paradise.
# 43 : Monday 5-4-2010 @ 05:38
No, it's not worth it - visiting Dubai. Why would a gay person want to visit such a place?

The city may seem all glittery and modern but under that shimmering facade is a deeply backward and medieval culture. And the United Arab Emirates remember is one of the more liberal countries in the Middle East. The way menial and construction workers have been treated in Dubai is noting short of sickening - let alone the occasional Western couple who have fallen foul of religious police and 13th century social mores.

# 44 : Tuesday 4-5-2010 @ 20:47
A married couple have been cleared of indecency charges in Dubai after they insisted the car where they were caught canoodling was a private place.

A lawyer for the husband and wife, who have not been named, confirmed that an appeals court overturned a lower court ruling which had sentenced them to a month in jail and deportation.

The Pakistani couple successfully argued a policeman could not have seen them committing an indecent act inside their car - since it had tinted windows.

The ruling is the latest in a string of cases involving sex in Dubai, a cosmopolitan city with the most lenient social codes in the Gulf but a tendency to crackdown on foreigners.

In March, a British couple was found guilty of kissing in public.
# 45 : Saturday 3-7-2010 @ 16:45
How to get arrested in Dubai

By Laura Tait

A British DJ was sentenced to four years in prison by a Dubai court this week after tests revealed traces of cannabis in his blood. Sure, it's not exactly legal at home, but FOUR years?!

Of course he's not the first Brit to wind up behind bars or deported because they're not clued up about the strict United Arab Emirates laws.

According to the Foreign Office, 1.1 million Britons visited the UAE last year and 294 of them were arrested or detained by police - making it more likely to happen there than in any other country in the world.

So if getting banged up abroad is on your 'to do' list of life experiences, here are some easy ways to break the law in Dubai...

Do some dirty dancing
Ever thought your dance moves ought to be illegal? Then head to Dubai, where they just very well might be. Unless you're at a licensed club or in the privacy of your hotel room then dancing is considered indecent and provocative and could get you arrested. During Ramadan you won't even find a dancefloor to throw some shapes on risk-free - dancing, loud music and live music are forbidden during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, so nightclubs usually close and all the bands go on holiday.

Give someone the finger
Back home it's just a bit rude but making insulting gestures in Dubai is regarded as obscene and totally unacceptable – as 56-year-old Brit Simon Andrew discovered in March this year when he was accused of showing an aviation student his middle finger during a row and was arrested. He denies flipping the bird but has had his passport confiscated while awaiting trial. It has been known for offenders to get a 6-month sentence for such an act and some have been deported.

Have sex on the beach
For a surefire way to wind up behind bars, break a couple of laws at once. Because of their strict laws about indecency, public sex is beyond unacceptable and do it with someone you're not married to – a crime that entails prosecution, imprisonment and/or a fine and deportation – and you're firing on all cylinders. Michelle Palmer, 36, of Oakham, Rutland, and Vince Acors, 34, of Bromley, SE London, did just that last year and were banged up for three months before being deported, as well as fined 1,000 dirhams (about £180).

Snog in a restaurant
Don't assume you have to go all the way to infringe on their decency regulations – the law extends to kissing and even holding hands, unless you're married. British marketing executive Ayman Najafi and Charlotte Adams – both in their 20s - were arrested and accused of public indecency after an Emirati woman claimed they exchanged a passionate kiss in a restaurant. They were given a one-month jail sentence for public indecency and illegal drinking, fined 1,000 dirhams, then deported. The pair maintain it was merely a peck on the cheek.

Drink Sex on the Beach
If you thought we were talking about the vodka-based cocktail before, that could work too. Buying drinks in licensed hotels or bars is allowed but drinking – or being drunk – is illegal in public. You'll stand out particularly well in the resort of Sharjah where booze is banned full stop, apart from for residents with a licence to drink at home. It is also an offence in the UAE to drink and drive, no matter how tiny the amount. If you're arrested on alcohol-related offences you'll likely be jailed while you await trial and penalties entail hefty jail sentences and large fines.

Smoke some wacky baccy
Drugs are almost always a law breaker, but Dubai is about as far from Amsterdam as you can get. Possession and consumption is treated very seriously in the UAE and – as the British DJ who had no drugs on him recently discovered – possession includes anything in your system, so even if you have a cheeky joint before you get on the Dubai-bound plane and you could end up falling foul of their regulations, and wind up with their mandatory minimum of four years in jail.

Other laws you should know about
Shopping in shorts could attract attention from the authorities - unless you're on the beach or by the pool, then anything tight, transparent, short or displaying your stomach, shoulders or back if you're a woman, is considered indecent. Same if you're a man in shorts or displaying a bare chest. Photography of certain government buildings is also illegal, as is perusing any form of pornographic material. If all else fails, smuggle in a bacon sandwich – pork is banned – and a poppy seed roll will add to the criminality of the action, as poppy seeds are also on the UAE's forbidden list.
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