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Jersey Shore
# 1 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 21:16
Jersey Shore starting tonight on MTV. Anyone watching it at the mo? Its a big hit in america. Can't see why yet.

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# 2 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 21:18
You can't see why?

I see 4 reasons easy enough!
# 3 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 21:20
looks hawt !
# 4 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 21:21
The guy in the orange shorts is hot as shit!!
# 5 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 21:37
Someone said :
You can't see why?

I see 4 reasons easy enough!

Yeah well there is that.

The guy in the orange shorts is called Ronnie.

But my fav is Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino- what a dumbass nickname but I forgive him cos he's hawt.

# 6 : Sunday 21-3-2010 @ 22:26
Reminds me of Miami... oh to have been one of those whores in the tub!
# 7 : Wednesday 24-3-2010 @ 22:45
Another Key of Awesome parody.

# 8 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 15:58

This show is brilliant, watching the first episode again.

Second episode tonight yeah?
# 9 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 16:01
yeah its tonight. did you not see it first time round last week or did you set your sky plus.
I noticed it back in december i think, when a big hullabaloo was made when it premiered in the states flaunting the term guido for italian americans.
I spent some weeks on the jersey shore one summer so I know what some of this guido culture is like and always thought it was ripe for exploitation by tv.
# 10 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 16:05
It did clash with something last week, caught a little bit of it.

Recorded it though!

I don't think I'd ever be attracted really to a Guido!
# 11 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 16:10
Someone said :
I don't think I'd ever be attracted really to a Guido!

Not their personality, no.
But spend a hot, sultry summer on the Jersey boardwalk with tanned, cocky, toned italian -americans strutting up and down it in their tank tops, and then come back and tell me that shaggy!
# 12 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 22:36
I love Jolie!

That was brilliant.
# 13 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 23:21
Someone said :


Yep. I'm definitely gay.
# 14 : Wednesday 7-4-2010 @ 12:11
I've watched the entire season including the reunion. Absolutely love the show, I want to fist pump Sammi but we'll ignore that.

As I said earlier in the thread the program reminded me very much of Miami and guess where the guys are shooting the next season as we speak! Miami! Love it.
# 15 : Wednesday 7-4-2010 @ 17:00
I love JWow!

If I was to get sexy with one it would be The Situation!

I miss Angelina already, she'd have been great, hope she stalks them in Miami
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