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Easter Eggs,So Whats Your Fave ?
# 1 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:35
Its only next week.

So whats your egg of choice ?

Mine would be a munchies or cadburys cream egg.
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# 2 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:38
Mine would probably be Galaxy
# 3 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:38
the creme egg,i like to lick the inside!
# 4 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:39
Malteaser bunny egg...... or a Green & Blacks dark chocolate egg Yum!
# 5 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:39
love galaxy and terry chocolate orange because they use the same chocolate in the egg as the product....

usually though i prefer to get a bag of the fresh belgian chocolates from leonidas
# 6 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:39
They're all horrid
# 7 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:40
I love a Yorkie easter egg...

It's not for girls!
# 8 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 20:42
Someone said :
I love a Yorkie easter egg...

It's not for girls!

# 9 : Sunday 28-3-2010 @ 21:06
Not a fan of Easter eggs, id rather have a slice of pavlova or something.
# 10 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 00:18
Call me a big kid but I love the Kinder Surprise eggs. I remember when they first came to Ireland (the same year we got our first stretch of motorway BTW). Loved them back then I and love them still.

# 11 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 00:52
I hate all those candy "chocolate", they're so oily, milky and waay too sweet. If i had to choose one it would be a terrys chocolate orange but much prefer high cocoa content chocolate. Easter eggs a a complete waste of money for the amount you get.
# 12 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 10:26
I agree. Ester eggs are always made with cheap and ansty chocolate unless you buy the "gourmet" ones but then they cost like 25 euro for 250 grams of chocolate.
# 13 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 10:56
Chocolate snobs? What next? Okay yes they are terrible value for money. But I think the Cadbury's ones are lovely - can't wait to get stuck into my Dairy Milk Egg on Sunday.
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# 14 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 10:59
I'm not a snob, I just like real chocolate. Not a milky, sugary vegetable oil concotion flavoured with a tiny bit of cocoa
# 15 : Monday 29-3-2010 @ 11:12
Someone said :
I love a Yorkie easter egg...

It's not for girls!

my son says that too, and when I say ' then a girl isn't paying for one' he changes his tune!

Cadburys creme egg is my favourite this year, because it's what my son has hidden in the press for me!! I do tend to like cream eggs.

I bought my nephews and nieces the green and black organic eggs last year and they said they could really taste a difference.
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