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Am I Pretty? The Aesthetic Of The Female Body Builder!
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# 1 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 19:17
I don't really get female body builders. I'm not talking the accumulation and accentuating of muscle mass in proportion to size, weight and not having a period for the last three years. I'm talking real she hulks with necks the size of a 15 year olds waist, limp hair, shriveled ovaries and over exaggerated make up just to remind us that there is still a woman underneath this quivering mountain of steroids.
So do you admire female body builders?, find them a little sexy even or are they just complete freaks of nature?

Am I pretty?
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# 2 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 19:22
She's definetely a he Elat !
'she' has no hips at all !
# 3 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 19:34
Male body builders look just as ridiculous.
# 4 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 19:50
yes, but the thread is about female body builders!
# 5 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:03
Firstly she cannot be a freak of nature as what she has done was by her own hand and the hands of others,(I would bet the trainer who got her to that stage is a man) nature had nothing to do with it. Muscle on both men and women is acquired in proportion to the exercise they do and protein intake.

What needs to be looked at are the whys. The nearest similar example I can come to are sumo wrestlers. Their bodies are not what are expected of 'normal' men. Why do they choose to make their bodies look like that? So they can win competitions, make money, be admired by those who like those sort of things and for the prestige, and that is the method they chose to achieve those things, I would imagine the above woman's reasons are much the same.
# 6 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:05

An example to illustrate my point
# 7 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:11
You look great Anfor. Have you lost weight?
# 8 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:12
Shaggy! *simper* how nice of you to notice
# 9 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:14
Someone said :

Am I pretty?

Why I don't know Elat, I've never met you!
# 10 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 20:58
Why do you presume the actions of humans are above nature anfor? We are still mammals no matter what ridiculous our actions can be.
# 11 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 21:10
Someone said :
Why do you presume the actions of humans are above nature anfor? We are still mammals no matter what ridiculous our actions can be.

Because the actions of humans are em, human, not forces of nature.

eg. war = human action
earthquake = natural phenomenon

both devastating, causing loss of life and great harm, but only one happens naturally, the other happens humanly.

Actually I think the actions of humans are beneath nature!
# 12 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 21:14
Someone said :

Am I pretty?

Not my idea of pretty. Looks like a stretch hulk toy

# 13 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 21:21
Body building is just another sport. They aim is not to look "pretty", it is to achieve the ultimate sculpted musculature. While I don't find the look attractive, I admire the dedication of any athelete who can be that disiplined.

Especially as I can never seem to stick to any diet/exercise regieme for more than a few weeks.
# 14 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 21:36
Many species of animal and insects have 'wars'. Tribes of chimpanzees, packs of wolves, ants and a plethora of other examples of creatures attack and destroy each other just like the human animal for habitat, food and water. So the example of humans above or beneath nature is redundant.
# 15 : Tuesday 30-3-2010 @ 21:39
I think I saw her on some documentary before, following other body builders – apparently her body was very well received but she rarely came first due to having masculine features.
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