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Hare Coursing - The Cruel Realities.
# 1 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:27
The point about hare-coursing being no longer a bloodsport (since the dogs are muzzled) has been contested for some time by animal rights activists. And now they have the video evidence to prove they were right all along.

The footage below was taken by the Association of Hunt Saboteurs Ireland at the Powerstown Park coursing final on February 3rd this year. This shows a wounded hare slowly dying in the "escape" enclosure.

The hare is left in severe pain, wriggling and dying. No one comes to his assistance and so he dies a slow and distressing death. He cannot stand up, having been tossed around by the two dogs. This hare obviously ran in fear to the escape hatch despite already sustaining bone breaks and internal injuries.

Also, at 1m 24s, a greyhound clearly enters the hare's "escape" enclosure. This shows the slip to be too high, allowing the chased hares no sanctuary.

This proves beyond all doubt that live hare coursing is still inherently cruel despite attempts by the Irish Coursing Council to claim otherwise. What's more - they're not regulating it.

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# 2 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:34
Any animals used for "sport" are victim of cruelty. They should all be banned.
# 3 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:36
In all honesty..I stopped watching, it always and will always be a sick sport!!!!!!!
# 4 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:37
It's not just the sport that's sick. I would be worried about the mentality of people who enjoy such barbarity.
# 5 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:37
i agree.fox hunting,pidgeon shooting etc,isnt right at all. im not an animal person but i still dont agree with it.
# 6 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:38
And even worse!
An animal that dies slowly in pain is no good for the pot! Pity. I am rather fond of jugged hare. A fine dish, very popular with our ancestors. (1600 - 1750). Who incidentally did not suffer guilt for screwing up the environment.
Bon appetit!
# 7 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:38
Even dog racing is cruel, many dogs are just put down once past their prime or if they're not good enough to race.

The greyhound racing industry breeds approximately 50,000 puppies each year. Of these animals, only 15,000 actually become racing dogs. The rest are "retired," used as breeding stock, or, in a more likely scenario, shot and destroyed. The racing industry also sells thousands of dogs considered unfit for racing to laboratories, which experiment on animals. Thus, greyhound racing functions not only as a "sport" and gambling enterprise, but as a breeding facility for cruel vivisection practices.

# 8 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:40
and horses from what ive heard.
# 9 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:41
i hate all so called "blood sports". as for hare coursing all these dogs are blooded. putting a muzzle on a greyhound does not make it any less barbaric and sick
# 10 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:41
Fox hunting, hare coursing etc are cruel not just becuase of the physical but also because of the mental turmoil these animals unnecessarily go through before death.
Shooting for sport is different and while I am not a fan of that sport either, at least it is humane(99% of the time).
# 11 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:44
Someone said :
It's not just the sport that's sick. I would be worried about the mentality of people who enjoy such barbarity.

I agree with your point. There is no justification for cruelty to animals or people in the name of anything. People who try to normalise or justify such barbaric behaviour need to get checked out.
# 12 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:46
I simply can't understand the mentality behind hare coursing ect..
What is the pleasure in watching an animal suffer????
Who gets a kick out of training a dog to harm?
# 13 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 13:50
Readers of An Phoblacht?
# 14 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 14:07
Chihuahuas would be far more entertaining than ugly ol greyhounds. You could dress them up as princesses and fairies and easter bunnies and have about 50 of them running around a field all adorable on their tiny legs with pink booties yapping at the bemused hare. The first one to dry ride the hare is the winner! *blank stare*
# 15 : Wednesday 31-3-2010 @ 14:10
Elat said:
ts such a pity that that so many threads have to evolve into irrelevant bland chit chat. If you need to banter, could ye use mail or use one of the chat threads?

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