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Your View On Autism / ADHD / Aspergers?
# 91 : Monday 25-2-2013 @ 22:17
http://www.thejournal.ie/readme/column-i-have-aspergers-and-i-lik etc ...

I thought this article was a bit daft.
It just seemed to point out the specific likes and dislikes of a particular person rather than explain the specifics of asperger's.

Everyone is different.
Lots of people don't like crowds or football matches.
Lots of people don't understand other people.
Lots of people don't understand how others can be racist.
Lots of people are very sensitive.
Lots of people don't like the smell of cigarettes.
Lots of people don't like to see people drooling.
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# 92 : Monday 25-2-2013 @ 22:28
I really empathise as an AS sufferer with the fear of crowds thing in the article. One of the reasons I became a hermit in adolescence is that adolescents are expected to be okay in crowds and I am afraid of them. It's not fair.
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# 93 : Monday 25-2-2013 @ 22:38
One of my friends growing up had Aspergers - lovely chap. We've had guys with it in on work experience, and one of my best friends has some severe social difficulties and has been diagnosed. He rarely, leaves his house - in fact rarely leaves his room. He has to do certain things, like hoovering, to calm himself. When he does go out, it might just be to my office, and it has to be when there is nobody else around, and the office has to be tidy. I've spoken to him almost every night for 4 years now, and we're great friends. I often meet him, but I've never seen him face to face because he can't deal with eye contact.

He's one of the funniest, most talented, caring and thoughtful people I've ever met. In fact all of the 'spectrum' people I've known have stood out, not for their disorder, but for their calmness and maturity. Oh they describe 'normal' people as Neurotypical, or NTs. He feels that the differences are somewhat exaggerated.

We're all a bit autistic, and it's great.

Oh and I got 32 in that test.
# 94 : Monday 25-2-2013 @ 23:52
I scored 31 in that test.

I tend to be very precise about dates and have a good recall for very specific and detailed things. I also have certain routines that I don't like to deviate from - I definitely have a touch of OCD.
# 95 : Sunday 16-6-2013 @ 18:23
Well it's all changed now!

Asperger's has been removed from the list of bona fide conditions.
It no longer exists. Pick up your bed and walk! You are cured!

http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner etc ...
# 96 : Monday 17-6-2013 @ 11:54
Well it definitely is a bona-fide condition. It makes me terrified of crowds in a social setting. As you get older it's supposed not to be as bad. As a child because I was afraid of crowds I used to run down streets very fast and when we were going from one building to another in secondary school I used to run so I wouldn't be in a crowd as long. Nowadays I have learned to walk calmly down the street but I try to blank out the crowd as if it's not there. This is obviously a major problem in making friends because young people are expected to be outgoing and considered freaks if they are not. I was constantly called a freak in school. People need to be more understanding of their fellow man instead of putting him down for this sort of thing. Social-disabilities do exist. AS is not an act.
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# 97 : Monday 17-6-2013 @ 14:59
I scored 12, I never win at tests....
# 98 : Sunday 21-7-2013 @ 21:22

Aspergers Syndrome Hall of Fame

Are you wondering if people with Aspergers can live full and meaningful life? Or maybe you are having a bad day and are wondering is there any hope for yourself or a family member?

Well maybe take little look at this list of distinguished individuals, geniuses in their own right not geniuses who had Aspergers but individuals who were geniuses because of their Aspergers Syndrome (it is important to note none of the below individuals received a formal diagnosis as it would have been unavailable during their lifetimes)...

# 99 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 00:52
Why did some newspapers report that Patrick Dunne has Asperger's syndrome? What relevance did that fact about him have to the crime he has been charged with?
# 100 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 00:54
I am horrified by the notion that crimes like this might make some fear Asperger sufferers. I have this condition and wouldn't hurt a fly.
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# 101 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 00:56
I think it's in the NUJ's code of conduct that a person's disability or race or sexual orientation shoulde not be referred to in a story unless it is directly relevant.
# 102 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 01:11
I'm also concerned about reports on the news of members of Autism Action Ireland being in the courtroom. They should not be associating themselves with this case imho, as it only reinforces an imagined connection betweeen the crime and A.S.
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# 103 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 01:40
Someone said :
Why did some newspapers report that Patrick Dunne has Asperger's syndrome? What relevance did that fact about him have to the crime he has been charged with?

Why wouldn't they report? It could be that the chap isn't well.
# 104 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 01:46
Aspergers does not make you violent let alone kill your own mother.
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# 105 : Saturday 30-11-2013 @ 03:49
Someone said :
Aspergers does not make you violent let alone kill your own mother.

Is that entirely true? I know of several people with other forms of Autism that can be quite violent. I know my own brother has had his moments.

In my view, it is quite worrying that someone who seems to be quite a vulnerable individual has been taken into custody. I don't know how I would feel if he was convicted.
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