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Outed Anti-Gay Campaigners Thread (Roll Call).
# 1 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:13
2017-11-16: Conservative Ohio state legislator Wes Goodman, who frequently touted his faith and family values, resigned after he was busted having sex with a man in his office. [USA]

2015-10-26: GOP Candidate in Indiana Opposed to LGBT Protections Has a Profile on a Gay Dating Website (USA) etc ...

2015-05-20: Anti-gay pastor and married father-of-five who compared homosexuality to alcoholism resigns after his profile is uncovered on gay hook-up site Grindr (USA) etc ...


2015-03-20: Cardinal Keith O'Brien, Cardinal who groped male priests while comparing gay marriage to child abuse resigns, Pope Francis accepts Scottish cardinal's resignation. (UK) etc ...

2013-09-20: Bill Pryor, Homophobic Federal Judge's Gay Porn Past Exposed! (USA) etc ...

2013-06-12: Ryan Jay Muehlhauser, Isanti County "Ex-Gay" Pastor, convicted for molesting two men (USA) etc ...

2011-08-12: Phil Hinkle, Republican Representative from Indiana who opposed legislation that would legalize gay marriage (USA)

To eighteen year old Kameryn Gibson, Mr. Hinkle sent from his iPad:

"Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight? I [will] make it worth [your] while. I am an in shape married professional, 5'8", fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked. How about $80 for services rendered and if real [sic] satisfied, a healthy tip? For the record, for a really good time, you could get another 50, 60 bucks. That sound good?"

The above came in several messages with the tagline, "Sent from Phil's iPad"

2010-08-25: Ken Mehlman, Ex head of RNC 2004-2007 (USA) etc ...

Was outed on a talk show, then finally came out. This is the guy who along with Bush & Rove, whipped up all the anti gay hysteria in the US. What a douche

2010-05-18: Mark Soulder: Representative (USA) Caught riding his secretary.

2010-05-06: George Rekers: Baptist minister (USA) Caught with rentboy. etc ...

2010-03-03: Roy Ashburn: Senator (USA) Busted for DUI after leaving sacramento gay bar! (this guy even voted against "Harvey Milk Day") etc ...

2010-01-08: Iris Robinson, MP (N.IRE) Exposed after having an affair with a (much) younger man

2007-06-11: Larry Craig, Senator (USA) Arrested for lewd conduct.,2933,294927,00.html

2006-11-01: Ted Haggard, Evangelist (USA) Exposed after doing crystal meth with male escort.

2000-09-20: John Paulk, Ex-Gay (USA) Caught flirting in a gay bar after pronouncing he was cured of being gay.

Anyone with more examples add them here with dates.
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# 2 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:17
I love this thread,

But I have no-one to add to the honour role YET

But I will keep an eager eye.

The Owl boot Robinson needs a mention in the op
# 3 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:25
Another religious right wing rabid rat shown up for what he really is,a hypocritical auld bollox,he wants a good kicking in his evangelistic hole.
# 4 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:28
Someone said :
Another religious right wing rabid rat shown up for what he really is,a hypocritical auld bollox,he wants a good kicking in his evangelistic hole.

And a good licking/fukcing in his evangelistic hole.
# 5 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:34
George Michael :-P 1998

"engaging in a lewd act" in a public toilet in a park in Beverly Hills, California. He was arrested by an undercover policeman named Marcelo Rodríguez, in a sting operation using so-called "pretty police".
# 6 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:36
# 7 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:39
Someone said :
List of Christian evangelist scandals etc ...

Lonnie Frisbee gets away with it for being a hippee!
# 8 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:46
Sex Scandals Through the Years: Both Parties Even

US politicians caught with their pants down... etc ...
# 9 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:49
We can't forget the predatory teachers now, can we?

The 50 Most Infamous Female Teacher Sex Scandals etc ...
# 10 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 19:57
Of course there is the perennially popular, "Bless me father for I, er, YOU have sinned" category,
# 11 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 20:04
I can remember watching an American tv show called “Lie Detector” one ep had a man that claimed that he and Paul Crouch (who's behind TBN, one of the worlds largest evangelical networks) had previously had a gay affair, which started due to the man being afraid of being fired.

TBN came out strong against him, denying it and claimed it was extortion (despite paying up for the sexual harassment case) anyway the man (enoch Lonnie Ford – thank you google!) passed the test.
# 12 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 22:40
Great idea Kneel. I'm sure there will further scandals aplenty among the ranks of the religious wrong to add to your Hall of Shame.
# 13 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 23:03
I think I'll become an anti-gay campaigner. Going by the above, the orgiastic lifestyle seems to involve a bit of nookie as often visits to the toilet. Often coinciding, indeed....!
# 14 : Wednesday 5-5-2010 @ 23:54
# 15 : Thursday 6-5-2010 @ 02:34
My Auntie Gay was anti gay until one day she went astray,tasted c*ut and went "Whay Hay",she is such a slut by nature.
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