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Would You Eat Bugs (Entomophagy) To Save The Planet?
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# 46 : Friday 24-7-2015 @ 15:13
Congo is officially going down that courageous road to fight against famine. etc ...
Congo looks to insect farming in fight against hunger There is no shortage of protein in Kinshasa's Gambela Market, from cows to antelope and snakes. But it is the blue and silver bowls brimming with twitching crickets, termites and slithering mealworms that do the briskest trade.

Experts hope that the love of edible insects in Democratic Republic of Congo may hold the key to tackling widespread hunger among its roughly 65 million people by scaling up a millennia-old consumption habit.

Six-and-a-half million people live in food insecurity in the giant central African country, according to the World Food Program (WFP), largely due to low agricultural productivity and persistent violence in its volatile east.

Edible insects, which are just starting to win acceptance in the West, have long been one of Congo's most popular dishes. Often served as bar food or on special occasions, they are grilled and commonly served with hot pepper, lemon and onions.[...]

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# 47 : Thursday 23-11-2017 @ 15:53
Finland is the 5th country allowing insects to be sold as food for human consumption.
They will start selling a bread with 3% criquet flour.

Belgium, NL, Danemark and Austria were first in Europe. They joined 2.5 billion humans eating insects, mostly in Asia.

Can Ireland jump on the band-wagon of producing such flours?
# 48 : Friday 24-11-2017 @ 12:55
I guess they'd be harmless enough ground down to a fine powder / side ingredient.

But I hope to never see intact bugs for sale in a supermarket. Yuck!
# 49 : Friday 24-11-2017 @ 13:31
Someone said :
I guess they'd be harmless enough ground down to a fine powder / side ingredient.

But I hope to never see intact bugs for sale in a supermarket. Yuck!

I would not mind, but our local sensitivities would obviously not make it viable in the short to medium term.
We are too "precious" to buy fish with a head on, or meat that reminds us it is from a cadaver.

If we were not acting so previous, maybe we would act more "aware"...

We should not "trick" the next generation into eating things that we do not allow them to face-up to. A child has a right to know that what they put in their stomach is a cadaver, and a right to be educated to either accept and embrace it, or reject it. In an age-appropriate manner.
If you are not ready as a teenager to kill a hen, and feather it, then why are you eating it?
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