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# 1 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 19:40
So wikileaks get access to approx 92,000 classified files and publishes them.

Is this a good thing that so much sensitive information is now public?

I can see a serious security issue with the release of this information. There are plenty of disadvantages and serious issues raised by what wikileaks have done. What do people think?
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# 2 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 20:37
Did they release anything about me?
# 3 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 20:37
Someone said :
Did they release anything about me?

Yea, that would be reeeeaaaaallllyyyyy interesting...
# 4 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 20:38
Someone said :

Yea, that would be reeeeaaaaallllyyyyy interesting...

You might be surprised
# 5 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 20:39
I would expect a knock on the door any day Ziggy

Frankly I don't think it makes that much difference, like most "Scandles" it will blow over with little to no change in how things are done.
# 6 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 20:42
The revelations about Pakistani secret service support for the Taleban seems to have finally given the Brits enough reason to take their gloves off. David Cameron has been saying some pretty harsh things today in Delhi about Pakistan.
# 7 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 21:02
Yea. There is a lot that can be said about the documents release. It may lead to a better policy however they released everything which is the problem.

Peoples names are on this stuff. As such its a huge invasion of privacy and could lead to problems for those named.

I think wiki leaks screwed up here.
# 8 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 21:05
nothing of import will come of it. majority are more focused on American Idol.
sad but true.
# 9 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 21:08
I disagree. The taliban now have a list of potential targets and they will use this information.

This leak is a disaster for those named.

There is such thing as a justified leak. But leaking everything like this is wrong.

How would you feel if your clinical files became public domain just because wiki leaks got their hands on them?
# 10 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 21:19
The New Yorker ran a good article on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange a month or two ago. Its quite long but interesting.

http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2010/06/07/100607fa_fact_khatc etc ...
# 11 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 21:43
What are/is wikileaks. I see the website http://wikileaks.org/ but someone please make sense of it.....
# 12 : Wednesday 28-7-2010 @ 22:09

its a site for whistleblowers to leak classified documents, fairly confidentially. some american soldier is in trouble for leaking to them though (i think)
# 13 : Sunday 28-11-2010 @ 19:36
Dynamite stuff coming out.

Iran has missiles from North Korea that can hit Europe.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told American diplomats to spy on other countries' diplomats at the UN.

Links alleged between the Russian government and organised crime.

Devastating criticisms of the UK's military operations in Afghanistan.

It's still breaking...

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/World-News/WikiLeaks-Saudi-Arabi etc ...
# 14 : Sunday 28-11-2010 @ 19:43
These are based on secret US government cables.

1. Saudi Arabian donors are main backers of Al Qaeda - QUELLE SURPRISE
2. Yemen government tried to mask US role in missile attacks against al Qaeda THAT COULD MAKE THEM UNPOPULAR.
3. Campaign of computer sabotage by Chinese government
4. Saudis pressurised US to attack Iran.
5. Gadaffi has a hot Ukrainian nurse. (Female)
# 15 : Sunday 28-11-2010 @ 19:52

I wonder who is doing it
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