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Know Your Doctor
# 1 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 09:20
Do you? I have to go to the doctor this morning, I've been avoiding it as I didn't like my old doctor, so am heading to a new one to start all over again. And it got me thinking about the amount of people who rarely if ever go to a doctor.

Do you have any qualms about going to the doctor for each cough or are you like me and will only go when something falls off?
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# 2 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 09:28
I've had some real crappy neurologists who were completely inept. I have a good one now, but I don't trust many neurologists anymore. And I hate going.
# 3 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 09:36
I need to go too a doctor, to discuss Gender issues! But do i have to go through my gp, i have been putting it off and i need to discuss it with someone!
# 4 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 14:04
The new doctor was lovely, even while giving bad news. I think I'll keep her.
# 5 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 14:40
Do you have to go through your Gp for everything, I want to see a consultant about something else and i dont want the gp to know about it! Its very Personal, anyone out there can tell me?
# 6 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 14:45
If it's medical you will probably need a referal to see a consultant. If you dont want your gp to know about it then get a new gp that will do the referal for you. Is there a help line you can ring?
# 7 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 14:50
I have been looking everywhere, one site that deals with is gone and the other says see your gp! God, its frustrating! I have to deal with it before it or i drive my self nuts!
# 8 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 15:02
I've been very fortunate in terms of my GP. I've been with him for 15 years now, he's fully aware of my gay sexuality and my health record. There's very little I wouldn't tell him in terms of any health issue and I think it's very important to have as open and honest a relationship with your doctor as possible.

The only gripe I have about my doctor is that he sometimes thinks I worry about my health unnecessarily and can be a bit dismissive when I go to himabout something. Also, the new junior doctor at his practice is woeful in terms of having a good "bedside" manner.
# 9 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 15:02
See a GP, it needn't be your local GP however.
# 10 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 15:04
My GP growing up... excellent.

GP now? Crap.

Now seriously thinking of returning to the original GP, despite the fact that he works a good bit away from me.
# 11 : Thursday 29-7-2010 @ 15:11
My own GP, who I have had since I was about 13 is amazing, so thorough and interested.
# 12 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 04:07
i love my GP. he is a lovely man.
but the other day i went to him for help and he sent me away with a sick note for work. i just took it. now i realise he should have done more. i am quite annoyed at him now putting it mildly. i very seldom ask for help so when i do i expect to be helped.
# 13 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 16:52
My doc is great. She has fixed me more than once.
# 14 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 18:37
I'm not mad on my current GP. He thinks I'm a bit of a hypochondriac.
But the guy can draw blood amazingly. I've impossible to find veins and he's really gentle.
# 15 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 18:44
My doc is retiring soon, and she seems to have stopped bothering really.
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