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Know Your Doctor
# 16 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:05
Someone said :
My doc is retiring soon, and she seems to have stopped bothering really.

What! Does she just sit there staring at you when you turn up for your appointment
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# 17 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:10
I love my new doctor because he's FREE! In fairness I was living in scotand a year and a half before I took advantage of this freeness, but how amazing is that??

# 18 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:12
Someone said :

What! Does she just sit there staring at you when you turn up for your appointment

# 19 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:17
i love my doctor.i can tell him going to see him since i was about 7.i dont go unless i need to though,so i know he takes me seriously.the only thing is you have to ring days in advance for an appointment because he does be so busy.i nearly have to plan when to be sick. hes great though and i fully trust him.
# 20 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:51
My original doctor is semi retired though i so still see him on occasions it it now considerable see.Not that he has retired but the other doctor who is with him i go and see now.I have been with her for the last 4 years and she is great.Just like my old doctor takes time with you and always makes you welcome and is patent.When she is not there is see the 3 doctor and he too is the same.I am lucky that the 3 doctors are all fantastic and treat you properly and there is dismissing you even over small thing.First time i saw her(when the auld lad was not there)was 4 year ago and my reason for seeing her could be see as embarrassing for a man(not for me though)and well she right away had me in the hospital and for which was great over something if we both ignored could have been serious.

Not just the doctor if i needed a cert and well i didn't really need to see the doctor the receptionist will sort of one for me.It is a fantastic surgery but then again the family has been going there for over 30 years.
# 21 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 20:52
I like my docter. He once put his finger up my hole feeling for piles, made me feel nice and relaxed, wasn't a bit embarassing.

Normaly would be shitting my pants. Just as well I wasn't that day.
# 22 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 23:30

Dr. Christian Jessen. If he were my Doctor I would be more than happy to get to know him.
# 23 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 00:07
Someone said :
The only gripe I have about my doctor is that he sometimes thinks I worry about my health unnecessarily and can be a bit dismissive when I go to himabout something. Also, the new junior doctor at his practice is woeful in terms of having a good "bedside" manner.

A relative was diagnosed with Bowel cancer a few years ago. Whenever anybody in the family is seriously ill, a shared (should that be "mutual"?) aunt uses her remarkable network of contact to find out about the consultant. Her news on the relative's consultant is that "his bedside manner could be better but he's the best bum man in Dublin".
# 24 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 18:49
Someone said :
Do you? I have to go to the doctor this morning, I've been avoiding it as I didn't like my old doctor, so am heading to a new one to start all over again. And it got me thinking about the amount of people who rarely if ever go to a doctor.

Do you have any qualms about going to the doctor for each cough or are you like me and will only go when something falls off?

I'm a bit like Ery here... I think i can count the amount of GP visits in the last ten years on two hands. I'm generally pretty healthy, and I only go when I really don't have a clue what's wrong, and it hasn't gotten better in a few weeks.
# 25 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 18:55
Someone said :

What! Does she just sit there staring at you when you turn up for your appointment

No, she's become a little difficult to talk to, and a little dismissive, etc.
# 26 : Friday 12-11-2010 @ 10:35
Does anyone know if you can switch GPs easily on the medical card? etc ...

If you move house

"You can use your medical card for up to 3 months if you are living temporarily outside your Local Health Office area. In this case, you can attend any GP in the area participating in the medical card scheme. If you are going to be away longer than 3 months, you should apply to the Local Health Office of that area, for a medical card. If you move to a different part of your own Local Health Office area, you can apply to change your doctor"

Has anyone had trouble doing this?
# 27 : Friday 12-11-2010 @ 12:22
I have a very functional relationship with doctors, thank jaysus I am lucky with my health and I don't have to see them enough to build any relationship.

So my visit usually involves, what can I do for you I say chest infection he write a script and off I go. But doctors in general don't impress me, I know most their job is a bluff, they know a shit lot less then you think and if in doubt which is most times they write a referral letter.
# 28 : Friday 12-11-2010 @ 12:24
I think my Doctor needs to see another Doctor about his manners, They are very Bad! How or why are they like this?
# 29 : Friday 12-11-2010 @ 13:01
Someone said :
I think my Doctor needs to see another Doctor about his manners, They are very Bad! How or why are they like this?

Not all them, its just your doctor is an ignorant man, change him, or fire him as the Americans say.

I was reading Lovelocks latest doom book and I remember a passage about doctors till the 1940s. They had so few active drugs.
They had morphine for pain
insulin for diabetes
Aspirin for swelling and inflammation
Calcium for antacids and reflux
And Ether as an anaesthetic also some disinfectants
And a lot of home remedies which where little more then health supplements

They had nothing but the most powerful medicine of all the placebo you mainly if lucky had faith in him and you cured yourself true the mysterious placebo effect. They where little more then witch doctors.

Now they have an arsenal of effective medicines but they forgot they art of care and the placebo, so you are in out with a script, I suppose they are pushed for time and there are more chucks to get 50 quid out of, Ahh I am being cynical I would say most want to do the best job they can.

# 30 : Friday 12-11-2010 @ 13:10
I went to see my doctor recently and got this complete bollocks locum - he had an almost hostile attitude, but he seemed pretty new and it might have been nerves or some such. Also,I think he might have had that 'just out of med school and still has the rod up his arse' mentality. In the past, Id probably have just felt slighted, etc, but I told him to chillax and we both got through it.
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