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Waiting To Hear The Dirt
# 1 : Sunday 7-9-2003 @ 15:22
A full report of the Cork mini meet is expected!!

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# 2 : Sunday 7-9-2003 @ 17:47
But probably as forthcoming as those of the Dublin meets. Propper and right..what goes on tour stays on tour I always say.
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# 3 : Wednesday 3-9-2003 @ 17:50
indeedy do it will - but you could ask Thomas about his blueberry muffin!!!

it was a great visit - all the lasd enjoyed their night out in cork and on the scene, expert their reports soon!

hugs for all
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# 4 : Sunday 7-9-2003 @ 19:28
No dirt but here's a report, Kev:

Wheelie Bin, Ronanr and I travelled down on the train and the journey flew in.

I thought it was a very enjoyable break. We got a great spot in Bodegas which got very busy later on.

The Other Place was nice and friendly too. Taboo was a bit squashed but full of lovely looking blokes. The music was good but I would try to get a seat the next time. I guess you have to get there very early.

Pipedreams was dying with a cold but he was the perfect host and went above and beyond the call of duty to show us around the city. Thanks again - Hope you're fully recovered tomorrow!

Tucker has settled in nicely down there and I'm sure he'll have a great year.

It was an exquisite pleasure to finally meet Mohiam - he was exactly the same as he is on the boards. And he brought some very nice friends along too.

Overall I was very impressed with Cork. The last time I was down a few years ago I didn't get to see it properly. But I was very impressed with it. Lovely places to eat and a friendly young population. And Pipedream's apartment is right smack in the middle of it all. Lucky git
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# 5 : Monday 8-9-2003 @ 11:33
Very good report, Thomas. I can add nothing to it, except to add my thanks to Pipedreams for showing us around so well, despite his suffering.

Cork is a nice town to go out in

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# 6 : Monday 8-9-2003 @ 13:16
Yes, it was great craic. Cork is a fine place and Pipey was heroic.

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# 7 : Monday 8-9-2003 @ 13:45
couldn't make the meet up after all!

The course ran on Saturday evening and then when me and a few friends went out we headed to "The Quad" and "Fast Eddies"..which was good fun.

Two of the lads had met this girl earlier on in the day and she came along with us - mad to get with one of us!

In the end - she danced all night with me - while the other two either looked at the "sexy" women in short skirts or got drunk.

It was great fun though - even if she didn't succed in her mission to seduce me - or I didn't find a nice gay fella there ...

ah well - I did come out to one of the guys with us though! he was a bit surprised but took it well.
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# 8 : Monday 8-9-2003 @ 15:08

Just want to say thank's to all the people who told me where to go last Saturday night, had a ball...

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# 9 : Monday 8-9-2003 @ 16:04
It was a great night...
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# 10 : Tuesday 9-9-2003 @ 17:40
lads, thanks a million for coming down!!glad to hear you enjoyed the stay!!

and as for the present......il be taking them out 2nite at home to play snap with my parents!!!

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# 11 : Wednesday 3-9-2003 @ 09:38
what about your other present???
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# 12 : Friday 12-9-2003 @ 14:54
i liked that one aswel!!

but on the cards thing.....i showed them to the famous friend, and they did have a promising affect on him!!!
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# 13 : Friday 12-9-2003 @ 15:42
Thats great Tucker. All you have to do now is get some hormones and grow some breasts.
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# 14 : Monday 15-9-2003 @ 11:04
yeah the friend would really enjoy that!! the next time i return home im gona be this stunner, will pull him......and my mission in life woul;d have been completed!!
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