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# 1 : Thursday 18-9-2003 @ 18:48
Anyone seen this site? Apparently its for girls to post naughty pictures of their boyfriends. Some of them look like porn pictures though.

Probably best to avoid if you're surfing in work : http://www.dublinhusbands.com
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# 2 : Thursday 18-9-2003 @ 20:04

Hmm... Most of the ones that seemed genuine werent all that attractive, and most of the ones that were attractive didnt seem all that genuine.

I 'll bet though, that there is at least advertiser in the classifieds who will be very grateful for bringing this site to his attention. The Garda totty seems genuine!
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# 3 : Thursday 18-9-2003 @ 20:08
Garda ???

/ Meh rushes back to site for a closer look
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# 4 : Thursday 18-9-2003 @ 20:21
He is one of the "fortysomethings".

By the way, there is a link on that site to a site called Dublincouples.com.

There is one picture there of a gay couple, and inevitably it attracts comments of the "its Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" variety
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# 5 : Friday 19-9-2003 @ 16:39
I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it! I love it!
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# 6 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 11:10
if parents turn up on this I was be menatally scarred
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# 7 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 14:16
not to sound like a pervert but how come no guys cum in those pics?
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# 8 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:31
I had some pictures of me put up on an amateur site recently actually, now that I remember!!!
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# 9 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:36
i had the great pleasure of finding out bout my brothers secret gay life one day looking thru one of those amateur sites! i just know one day im gonna be telling it to a psychiatrist!!!! not a pic i wanna remember
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# 10 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:39
Oh! Tell me more??
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# 11 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:44
there was me all bored in college decided to have a quick gander at these gay photo personals seeing if i can see anyone worth dropping a line. lo and behold there appears an irish fella with my home county in his name!! i click it open only to find my dear brother in a few uncensored pics with another fella and with a butt plug. i still havent told him i know yet and this was in last april!!!!
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# 12 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:46
oh wot a disfunctional family i live in!!!
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# 13 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 17:48
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# 14 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 19:21
i would'ent like to be you oriain
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# 15 : Monday 22-9-2003 @ 22:22
i am actually gonna put pics on that site

anyone wanna see me
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