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Are You Stupid Or What?
# 16 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 15:37
too many incidents to put down. however, i have my fair share of stupid moments.
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# 17 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 15:42
I'm sure theres alot of things but I can't remember any right now, though I do tend to get alot of the sort of situations where like, you drop a cup that hits another thing that hits another thing etc. etc. chain reaction that ends up in a car exploding or something
# 18 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 15:55
Most of mine has to do with not really understanding human behaviour, and not seeing the proper context of things.
# 19 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 16:51
Last week I bought fresh herbs, brought them home, put them straight in the bin, and then put the bin out in the skip.

Then on Sunday I went into IFI, bought a ticket for Pyjama Girls, binned it immediately at the ticket counter and walked off. Luckily I realised what I had done after 30 seconds and went back and fished out the ticket which was still intact.
# 20 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 16:57
Or what.
# 21 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 17:01
Yep, I reckon if we were to admit it we all do stupid stuff from time to time.

My most recent one (that I'm admitting to ) was Saturday two weeks ago playing in an inter company charity soccer tournament. High ball in, not concentrating I ran straight into my own team mate who I work with, clashed heads, he got two stitches over his right eye and I got the classic black left eye, all my fault!

Just to top it off, over two hundred people from our company alone attended because it was a company charity thing. Believe me, you can only start to imagine the abuse / slagging I got the following Monday morning.

And as a total side note, I've realised that quite a lot of people don't look at you for at least two or three seconds when they talk to you. You wouldn't believe the amount of recent conversations that have gone something like this.. Hi, how are you, so what's new with.. WHAT THE F*CK HAPPEND TO YOU!
# 22 : Wednesday 25-8-2010 @ 22:58
I have countless stupid things to list... two that come to mind at the moment...

1. Sending a text message most definitely not meant for my mother to... guess who?! MY MOTHER and outing myself in the process.

2. Deciding that instead of taking out the money I needed to lodge in Bank B at Bank B I'd take it out from Bank A approximately 100 ft away... That was a very costly mistake.
# 23 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 05:39
I tried a few times to put a Vodafone credit voucher number that I had purchased in Tesco into my phone that turned out to be the receipt of the transaction of my purchase.

For some reason Tesco have seen fit to include a 13 digit number on their receipts for phone credit. Very confusing. I had thrown away the credit thinking it was the receipt.
# 24 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 08:07
I think we are all Stupid, in this Country?
# 25 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 08:50
Someone said :
I think we are all Stupid, in this Country?

no, some are, some aren't
# 26 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 09:42
We all have our stupid moments. Some are more willing to admit this than others.
# 27 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 09:44
I washed and tumble dried my passport once.....a costly mistake
# 28 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 09:48
Someone said :
My claim to stupidity is that I withdrew 500 Euro today,put it in my jeans pocket,took them off and put them in the washing machine,after half an hour,I realised what I had done and went to retrieve my swag,my face turned ashen when bits of disintegrated red paper swum out,thankfully it was only a red serviette that had emeshed itself in my wad,my money was laundered and continues to dry atop my printer,I feel like a proper tool though,is anyone as stupid as me,have you done anything as or more stupid?

I did the same thing when I was living in Australia. Ran the length of the house when reaslised I had left the rent in my pocket and thrown the jeans in the wash. Panic panic panic waiting for stupid door to open and finally got it out to remember that Australan money is water proof!
# 29 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 09:55
Someone said :
I think we are all Stupid, in this Country?

Not at all. I know some non stupid people.

But even they make stupid mistakes sometimes.
# 30 : Thursday 26-8-2010 @ 09:59
Reversed into poles..twice in two different cars. And I've gotten a car stuck on a beach in kerry (had to get a local farmer to pull it out with the tractor), gotten a car almost stuck in the down ramp of a multistory car park (I took it at the wrong angle).
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