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Last Night Any Good Ladies?!
# 1 : Sunday 28-9-2003 @ 18:53
did any of you go to the ifc or anywhere else last night? if so was it any use? I couldn't go out cos the funds are kinda low but any feedback would be great
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# 2 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 09:32
Yeah, was in the IFC on Saturday, pretty good night, place wasn't too packed, wasn't mad about the music though.
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# 3 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 16:16
lol what was the music like? was the crowd mostly butch or was there a mixture? I'm dyin for a good night out and some girly action
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# 4 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 16:41
Well get yourself out and about then! What is this fascination with butches!! There were a couple but very few to be honest. What was the music like ... mmmm .... it wasn't like Kiss last week, put it that way, but it wouldn't make you run screaming from the building hands clamped over your ears either!
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# 5 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 19:35
lol I've not got an obsession with butches!!! Don't you know its far from it. I mean, don't get me wrong, each to their own but girls who look like guys just don't do it for me and they always seem to be the ones that i get the attention off!!
Who was it here that said something along the lines of: why is it that all the beautiful women who actually make you want to be gay are straight?!
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# 6 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 19:40
There was a really crowd in IFC, good bit of talent I thought, yeah Maddylicious would have to agree with you about the femme attraction. The music was my only fault with the place..We asked the DJ to play Madonna's 'Hollywood' or Pink 'Feel Good Time' and she said she didn't play pop/commercial...fair enough, 5 minutes later 'Billie Jean was played'..
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# 7 : Monday 29-9-2003 @ 19:44
ahhh well, if the talent was good then the music doesn't really matter!!!!
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# 8 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 07:38
Course the music matters, how you gonna smooch on up to someone if the music is telling you to exit stage right!! I agree with Dublin Girl, and I've said it on here, music was not me! But then, who am I!
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# 9 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 08:13
ur caddywhack!!
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# 10 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 08:36
Indeed!!! I'm the one bopping away in the corner in my own private disco!!
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# 11 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 17:14
lol. ill bop with ya sometime then!!
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# 12 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 18:43
Hold ya to it!
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# 13 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 19:54
lol alright butonly if ur not too embarressd(sp?) .... that's how i dance-
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# 14 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 00:24
Well snap then, its how I dance too, but with more arm movement!!
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# 15 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 13:28
ok then! We'll bop away to our own private disco in the corner then and if people laugh we'll just keep dancing! -ME&you
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