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Good Bars For TS/TV
# 1 : Friday 27-8-2010 @ 16:42
im sure its a question that has been asked lots of times, but for a new comer, can anyone recommend some bars that have hot TS/TV for me to buy drinks for????
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# 2 : Friday 27-8-2010 @ 16:45
Pantibar, the George or the Dragon are your best bets I would imagine.
# 3 : Friday 27-8-2010 @ 16:48
Yes it has been asked, you could try using search.
As there is a very limited amount of gay venues in Dublin it shouldnt be too hard to take them all in in a night and see if there are any hot ts/tvs there that would let you buy them a drink.
Id recomend PantiBar.
You could also try the classifieds and see if you can find someone that wants to go out for a drink with you.
# 4 : Friday 27-8-2010 @ 16:55
thanks for the quick replys! i'll check out the sugesstions
# 5 : Sunday 12-9-2010 @ 18:17
Boo - I have just seen this thread.

Tranny Haven is a wonderful small discreet club, which runs every Saturday night and is off Parnell Square. Mail me and I can give you more details, but you can also google it and you should see their web site.
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