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Dirk Diggler
# 1 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 13:04
so......can I have you're number?!
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# 2 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 13:18
just kidding as I have a bf :-)
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# 3 : Tuesday 30-9-2003 @ 17:02
And there was I getting all hot and bothered!! If u want 2 e mail for a chat im at alcoman19@hotmail.com!!
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# 4 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 11:13
....that email address does not work!!
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# 5 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 13:51
Ya it does!! I use it all d time!! My box maybe full!! try again: alcoman19@hotmail.com!!
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# 6 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 16:25
WOOHOO! it works! lol
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# 7 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 16:41
You have a bf boxy is this new
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# 8 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 16:47
We are just friends.. there is nothing going on between us!!
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# 9 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 16:50
Yup figured that - the Q is for Boxy, thought he was single, nice to hear he has found some
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# 10 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 16:54
hey Phoenix - long time no hear :-) Hope you're good (are you!!??)

I Have a BF and I is pure much loads happy!
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# 11 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 17:01
Thanks 4d txt Boxy, I better go home now, and prep myself up 4 d party!! Enjoy ur nite out. B gud!!
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# 12 : Monday 6-10-2003 @ 13:12
hey Dirk

in another thread you were asking about the gay scene in Waterford.

well there is one for sure. I don't ever go out on the scene in waterford though more Cork or Dublin.

Anyway the main night is the Forum - Flytrap it's called - every Friday night...I've heard a lot of people talking about it - some say it's good some say it's bad...never been though - Waterford is a very small place - never know who I'd bump into!

There's also a website and pub nights in a bar downtown and also one of the clubs has a gay friendly night on Wednesday (I think) and a few bars would be "gay friendly" in the sense that a lot of gay ppl may hang out there - but whether they'd actually kiss or anything while in the pubs is another matter!

Of course the college itself has more than it's share of good looking guys! hehe ...and there was a LGTB society last year...though I'm not sure if it's kicked in yet this year - was never a part of it myself but I do have an interest in the Student's Union here so I would know of it.
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# 13 : Monday 6-10-2003 @ 16:08
Hey There,
Ya I went 2 Waterford before, on a Class Rep Training thing (Basically it was an excuse for a big piss up!!) I cant even remember d names on the pubs we went to, but I have 2 say they were pretty cool at d time. We went 2 c d IT as well there, but I was concentrating more on d boys!!
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# 14 : Monday 6-10-2003 @ 17:27
well I was at one of them Class Rep things as well - only we got a day out to UCC. (though I remember that class rep training day in Waterford too- I wasn't there that year...someone else was Class Rep)

there has been a few new bars opened up here in Waterford over the summer - you should try it out sometime.

and yeah the IT has quite a share of good looking guys - it can be hard to study Marketing here let me tell you.
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# 15 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:49
I might give Waterford another go then!!
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