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Dirk Diggler
# 16 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 11:34
you do that!! and let me know when you're coming up!
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# 17 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:24
Ya will do and we can talk about all that Marketing stuff we learn about in College!!
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# 18 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:31
wheres a good pub/club in waterford these days, not been home in ages, thinking about this weekend!
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# 19 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:37
Eh! U ll have 2 ask Horgenslund, have only been there once.. its all a blur!!
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# 20 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:40
lol, best way to remember waterford i think,,,means you had fun hehe
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# 21 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:43
Ya at least I think I did anyways!! : jump: Would like 2 go there again in d near future.
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# 22 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:47
LOLOL! well I did International Marketing last year so I can give you a few tips

although I'm more interested in finding out did you manage to turn the Frank Lampard look-alike at your class party!!

oh and there is a floor for you any time u want it in Waterford.
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# 23 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:50
yeah i love going out in waterford, haven been in ages though, i used to get hammered in egans when i was 15 .. went in there when i was 19 and felt over the hill,
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# 24 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:50
well Ullysis is pretty good....unlike all the others it's got ok prices and a good mix of people...and good music too.

Masons is new but I haven't been yet. I'm told it's very nice inside but they very strict on ID I believe and it's very costly!

then there is Axis Mundi - the latest trendy venue.

and Oxygen (Merlin's) and Ruby's. Haven't been in Oxygen since they did it up but I'm told it's almost the same as Merlins was!..only a different colour!)
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# 25 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:53
Egans? was in there a week or so ago..it's nice but not exactly full of life is it?
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# 26 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 12:03
Hi Dirk!

How's you? When you coming to the "Big Smoke"


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# 27 : Monday 13-10-2003 @ 13:21
Hi Boxy!!

My fone is officially dead!! Took it in 2 Carfone Warehouse at d wkend, hopefully they can do sumthing with it!! As for going 2 Dublin at d wkend, dont think I ll b able 2 afford it. because d following wkend I have my graduation,d week after my 21st, and d week after that Pink Training in Galway *Phew* Its a case of if I could, I would, but I cant!!
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