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Weird Celebrity Crushes...!
# 1 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 16:21
Hello! Me again! Just thought I would post a new topic. here it goes... Is there anyone from Tv/Movieland, it maybe a singer that u have always had ur eye, d guy or girl that u thought theres something cute about him/her, but have always been 2 shy/ embarrased 2 say it? well nows the time!! So all suggestions from d weird 2 d downright silly welcome. I will reveal mine as others reveal theirs so get posting!!

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# 2 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 16:42
I kinda like Seann William Scott - Stifler from the American Pie movies.
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# 3 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 16:57
At the moment I'm obssesing about Todd from C. Street!

(oh and you too....Mr. Diggler!!)

Did you get my mail?
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# 4 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 17:03
Mickey Mouse ....
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# 5 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 17:13
xenia seeberg (yes a woman)
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# 6 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 17:17
Ralee Hill

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# 7 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 17:58
oh there have been so many!!!

at the moment I REALLY like Ollie from "Doctors" on RTE (though I hear he's left on BBC ;()

Some past/current crushes include :

TV: Jack Davenport (Miles) This Life - but Egg, Warren and Jo! would do too!!, David Paisely (Tinsel Town, Holby City), Sean Maguire during Eastenders days along with Jamie Mitchell and Dennis *yum*, Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), David Mitchell (Fair City) and Dylan off Home and Away is a very recent addition - though I remember my real first crush was on the character Steven in that too!

Sport: Brian O'Driscoll *sex god*, Johnny Wilkenson, Andrew Merthens (Rugby)

Marat Saffin and Gustavo Kuerten (Tennis)

Frank Lampard Jr *Number1 crush of all time*, Jodie Morris, Zenden, Duff, Robbie Keane and too many footballers to mentiion besides that.

Alexi Nemov (Gymnastics) - *swon*

Gary Hall Junior, Curtis Myden, Alexander Popov, Torpedo (Swimming)

Llewellen Herbert and too many Athletes to mention!

and as for Actors : well Jared Leto is the absolute best when it comes to that category. Also like Ed Norton and Wes Bentley...and yes I had a crush on Kate Winslett too during the Titanic era!
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# 8 : Wednesday 1-10-2003 @ 19:43
firstly i have to say that xena warrior princess looked like a man. Now, I oddly enough have a really big crush on missy elliot, I don't tell many people that! There's just something about her.... you tell me!
Emmmmm, i've only said this to a couple of people who either laughed at me or made a sick face but that guy who plays tony in the soprano's, eventhough he is fat and bald, has something seriously sexy goin on....
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# 9 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 13:44
Ok My crushes are really strange.. so ye are gooing 2 think im really strange.. Ok u know dat guy from Cornation Street, Kathys father Tommy, I dont know why I like him, but theres just sumthing about him!! I used 2 love Egg from this Life, and now in Teachers, hes gorg. I also think that guy behind d Woolpack in Emmerdale is kinda cute. Jack in dawsons Creek, and also that Police man in Dawsons Creek too. Frank Lampard is sexy, and I really like a guy in my class, but hes straight I think!! I also like a lecturer in college in his late 20's he goes 2 d gym every day and he is bulging out from his T shirts!!
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# 10 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 15:01
That gets my vote too.
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# 11 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 19:49
Dolly Parton and Sigourney weaver. Together
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# 12 : Thursday 2-10-2003 @ 21:35
my god what college are you in? i never had a lecturer that was even remotely attractive!
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# 13 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 10:29
in your class? like someone said where exactly do you study??

He may be str8 now but I can be persuasive!
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# 14 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 12:24
Hey Guys Im in IT tralee, just started 3rd year in International Marketing! Anyways ya d lecturer around college, well I dont have him 4 anything.. but see him around coll. all d time!! As for the guy in my class, well Ive heard hes got a "Girlfriend" But my class party is on next Tuesday, so Ill get him drunk like a skunk and then have my wiked way with him!! (Did I just say that!!)
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# 15 : Friday 3-10-2003 @ 15:06
funny you should mention class parties!

mine was on here in Waterford last night (Thursday) and well there is one very cute fella in my class - though he too "has a girlfriend" apparently..

anyway he was blind drunk (and without any help from me ) and we got chatting and he started asking me about had I a girlfriend...I said no ...he said he heard I had..I said no not at all...and then I added "Why would I?" hehe....

he was too drunk to take the imo massive hint!

btw there was some fine talent in the bar/club last night....I had trouble concentrating on what my classmates were saying ....and I think one of the girls now knows about me....
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