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# 1 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:21
Hey guys would just like to raise another issue that only happened last nite, here it goes...

I was at a Class Party for all Marketing students in Tralee, it was a great nite, and me being a lightweight was floored after 3 pints of Smirnoff Ice!! Anyways we all went 2 d club after where more drunken antics ensued.. I was dancing 2 beyonce's "Crazy in love" with my gal pals and when I left d dancefloor I was walking up the steps and this guy called me a "Faggot", of course I didnt say anything and walked on.
But on 2 other occasions that nite I was called a "Queer" and "Nancy boy"! Im not going 2 say that I wasnt upset, because it did, and Im just sick and tired of all these small minded people who think that they have the right to say whatever they like.
Im not ashamed of my sexuality and Im not afraid 2 show people who I am.

Just wondering, does this happen in Cork/ Dublon, Galway, etc. Or is it just a case of denying what I am just because Im in "Straight" Society?!.

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# 2 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:26
Tralee is no different from any other county in Ireland. They all have their share of mindless fuckwits. Small comfort I know.

Also, every foreigner I've known has been abused on the street, on the bus, etc. So its not just us gays.

Seriously though, best to ignore the knuckle heads. They're only looking for a fight.
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# 3 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:32
Thanks Thomas!! Ya I know its not just Gay people who are discriminated on a daily basis. Im just tired of it though, and u would think Id get used 2 hearing it by now.. but im not. Id hate 2 think what would happen if I meet them on my own on d street at nite. Oh well I guess I ll just have 2 carry on with the abuse.
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# 4 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:34
Just make sure you stay in a group if you're ever going somewhere dodgy.
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# 5 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 20:38
Will do pet, ta!!
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# 6 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 21:30
Oh my god. I fucking hate narrow minded people!!1 make me soooo fucking angry!!! I nearly slapped the head off some shit head kid a couple of weeks ago in mc donalds for slagging off my gay mate. I've no tolerance for them at all. I know most people just walk away and thats the adult thing to do but i just can't, they make my blood boil!!!
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# 7 : Wednesday 8-10-2003 @ 23:46
That is one adult thing to do certainly, and in many situations it is the most effective..unfortunately, we are not all Mahatma Gandhi. Sometimes it is appropriate to make a stand and cut the legs from under these misguided fellows and ram them down their throats. Mightn't get you into heaven, but if well executed will get you the respect you deserve on this..Gods green earth.
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# 8 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 10:00
The last guy that called me a fag got the shit beaten out of him and him mates who thought it was really funny to call me queer and fagot and ass bandet and then follow and throw shit at me so I deliberately lead them down a laneway and they followed and then I got even. Those guys will think twice about calling any guy that again. I think its a little power trip, and I was bullied in school and since becoming an adult I simply do not put up with it anymore. If I were in a public place I will raise my voice for all to hear and humiliate the offender.

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# 9 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 11:07
Dublin is such a hostile place. I long to go back to Orlando. At least there I could walk down the street holding hands with another man and feel more or less safe.

The problem with Ireland is not the lack of laws to protect its minorities, but the lack of enforcement these laws get. With so few gardai on the streets, your taking your life in your own hands by simply being yourself.

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# 10 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 12:12
Unfortunately Fetch the problem is not lack of enforcement, its that underneath the wafer thin cead mile failte were a bunch of knackers..always looking for the opportunity to stick the boot in, devoid of civic pride and essentially totally insecure. The last thing we need here is the totalitarian regime which exists in the states..besides, thing in our favour..we wouldn't tolerate it.
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# 11 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 12:24
im in killarney, maybe we can meet up some time. im 20 an bi. email me if you want.
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# 12 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 13:15
Its also the turn the other cheek attitude these guys like to take advantage of. They are for the most part bullies, and don't like it when someone stands up to them. They'll just look for some other minority group to attack and harass.
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# 13 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 13:53
while not defending in ANY ANY way harrasment of ANY minority , i have come to accept that they will always be there and ive learned to understand where they r coming from and why , it doesnt make it right , ignorance is still ignorance regardless of what you call it , once one minority becmomes acceptable and intergrated they will simply move on to another, im all for giving them a chance and maybe they will learn ...if not kick their heads in
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# 14 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:03
Well as every1 is saying we should just ignore them and their stupid jibes, in the end if we retaliate we are stooping to their level and therefore making us all the same. I hate confrontation anyway, and I dont think i ve ever thrown a punch or got in 2 a serious fight with any1. When I was called those names the other night I said 2 myself "Ur a bigger person, dont let them see that it bothers u" Maybe next time they wont say anything or is that just been really naive?
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# 15 : Thursday 9-10-2003 @ 14:14
hey dirk
but the fact is it did upset you , you said so yourself , and of course they knew it would, im not entirly for confrontation either but sometimes jus sometimes i think in can be condoned, if some prick wants to start on me then he better be prepared to follow it through cause i will call his bluff!
mind you if i go into the george i can see enough insults and names being passed aswell and not a st8 guy in sight hehe
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